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The anthem of Defqon.1 Chile by Chileans?

In our country there is no doubt that There are many talents in terms of music production and every day there are many more who are encouraged to explore this art of creating their own music and sounds where they not only want to achieve a goal in particular but rather, express their ideas through music and the emotions that others can generate.

There are prominent producers as Sickddellz, Yurner, Terror Weapon, The Aenemies, Stormerz, among many others who are taking very seriously the musical career and no doubt this pleased already such that as the Hardstyle and Q-dance fever has come to our country, also is transferred in the growth of djs and producers in their art.

While transmitting the news that Defqon.1 would come in December, many immediately began to wonder Who will make the Chile Defqon.1 anthem? and as good Chileans who we are, are they should be asking And why does a Chilean?.

It was as well as more than one you must have started from that concern either, they looked at one opportunity to showcase their talent through something as massive as news of Defqon.1 in our country.


We know that it is a great opportunity to demonstrate level with domestic producers in the case of the most experienced but also, do not set aside are starting that and that come with great knowledge creating large tracks.

This, is almost like children of today who are born with your Tablet or Smartphone and handled it perfectly that by the way, "not by that reason will be";less"; those who had to learn on the road already larger and other difficulties. Remember that this is an art, a passion and nobody was born knowing to believe us better than others (Sorry for the diversion of the content).

Returning to our owner, The anthem of Defqon.1 Chile by Chileans? Yes!, creanlo! We have talent to spare and they are showing as never before. So it was that one after another began to motivate and create the unofficial anthem of Defqon.1 Chile where we highlight several who highlighted and drew us attention but What be considered will in an anthem?.

For those who are unfamiliar with the terminology or the concept, the anthem is translated literally the :;Anthem";, that mean, "it is the musical composition representative of";something"; It is in this case Defqon.1, so to make an Anthem Anthem should be designed exclusively to represent in all its Majesty what the festival means to the public. That is the case of large producers as a Frontliner and the current Anthem for Defqon.1 Australia.

Concepts such as mysticism, Fantasy, imagination, Freedom, Happiness, Force, Character, among many others are those who might choose to guide us in producing a hymn to the case of the listener, should transport it and generate emotions. This basically translates to you get :;Goose bumps";, cry, RIAs, you ignore or enjoy it as you want.

For that reason, not anyone can do an anthem or indeed if, Anyone who produces music, but You must comply with certain complex parameters to represent the concept of faithful way the Festival in this case.

So, as many anthems by producers with experience and others emerging from Defqon.1 emerged and which we share with you each one of those they have seen in networks the last time. Para ello, We would like to devote a few minutes to support Chilean talent, listen to each of the anthems and comment us is that it puts you goose bumps.

Close your eyes, Imagine yourself in the Red stage of Defqon.1 along with the fireworks and respondenos question What is the unofficial anthem of Defqon.1 Chile which you like the most?.

Stormerz-; Ultimate Destiny (Defqon.1 Chile Unofficial Anthem)

DJ Dmor - New Horizons ( Defqon.1 Chile Unofficial anthem)

KayKross-; Guts For Glory! (Defqon.1 Chile Tribute)

Marcelmunoz-; Chosen Ones (Unofficial Defqon. 1 Anthem 2015)

ToxicKloud-; Chilean Warriors (Unofficial Defqon.1 Chile Anthem)

Octanonz-; was not enought 2015 Anthem (Unofficial)

Domisk-; Quest For Discovery (Unofficial Defqon.1 Chile Anthem)

Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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