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Tediz surprises with a new track

Yesterday at 22 hrs, DJ Tediz, better known as";one man band";, launched a preview of 4 minutes of what its new track carried out along with the voice of Ian Venegas and MC Riser.

As the artist and national talent announced during the day on your facebook account, at 22 hours of yesterday, Thursday launched a new track which already surprised by the name";The consent”; that undoubtedly coincides with the month of the fatherland.

This track, It has wow factor something that long ago longed to hear, What is the link Andean folk sounds in this case together with hardstyle and Dj Tediz succeeded completely in this production. Also, It includes sounds from instruments of rock/metal, as electric guitars in the drops and the remarkable voice of Ian next energy that MC Riser adds to the track.

As a cultural, :;The consent"; is part of one of most native cuecas of our Creole culture and that it was composed by Jaime Atria Ramirez, song He won the first Festival Folclórico de Viña del Mar (source: Horse and Rodeo).

:;The consent"; speaks of a woman "does what it pleases without thinking about whether is right or wrong what does and as we would say in good Chilean";his ideas led:;.


On artcover This track, was carried out under my designer alias Hammer.CL where combined the ideas of Dj Tediz next to the mine, achieving a composition and attractive design make us feel Chilean and proud to be it.

For those interested in the extended version, song It will be released on Monday 14 This month through at West Coast Records, seal which includes Dj Tediz.

No more than adding and congratulate Dj Tediz on this work, We leave them with the track of DJ Tediz ft. Ian Venegas &; MC Riser-; The consent. Viva Chile Mierda!

Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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