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Qlimax 2015 –; Equilibrium

Qlimax has released its official trailer "for this new edition of November called";Equilibrium:;.

A couple of hours, the renowned Dutch producer Q-Dance, published on his fanpage, the official trailer for the new edition of Qlimax "under the concept of";Equilibrium";. This, held once again at the Gelredome Arnhem day 21 th, 2015 where even we do not know the line up but now comes the first name.

In the trailer we can read the phrases that refer to a journey through sound, where you'll be immersed in vibrations in the deepest levels, beyond your imaginationn.

"A journey into sound. Immerse in a unified field of vibrations. Resonate on the deepest level, beyond the shadows of imagination.

With this, We can get an intriguing idea that, If the last edit was superb, prepare for this new one that apparently will be much more focused on the experience of the sounds as always with the charm of the visuals and shows that the production company offers always combined.

Also, Although the line up is not yet confirmed, already many speculate that the first artist in charge of the Anthem is nothing more nor nothing less than Atmozfears. This, Since the artist's images are seen in the trailer (very short indeed) What makes us think that it might have related to the featured artist in the show. On the other hand and near the end of the trailer, shows a hooded and many in the Netherlands commented that this is him as the main artist in charge of the official anthem.

Also, another community that supports this theory they are the children of Hard News where they even captured the image where you can see a person's face and that it follows that it is Tim (Atmozfears).

(Image by: HardNews)

The sale of tickets holders starts on 26 of September for this event, which is no doubt already giving to speak.
Event link: Right Here
More info on: www.qlimax.com

Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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