Defqon.1-; Success in sales and first confirmed dj-; Bassmusic® Bassmusic®

Defqon.1-; Success in sales and first confirmed dj

Yesterday in just 8 minutes Early Bird tickets was sold out and 15 minutes later, the Vip tickets for the Defqon.1 festival coming in December to our country.

That is right, yesterday at 11Am started the pre-sales Early bird for the great festival that brings us the producer Street Machine together with Q-Dance and in only 8 minutes were already sold out the 3000 General tickets on the platform of PuntoTicket.

Meanwhile, at Americo Vespucio Norte 904, where is located the Street Machine Shop, There was already a large row of fans waiting for their ticket. Note that even the night before had fans sleeping outside the store with the clear intention to obtain the precious pass to this festival, where they also received official merchandising of gift with hard dance music live to make more exciting waiting.

It was thus as one desperate and exciting day We experienced yesterday with 3000 tickets online, and 400 additional General and VIP tickets no fee service in store Street Machine. However, more exasperating was when last the 11:08 minutes General tickets were sold out and in minutes, VIP also. The catharsis was coming but, instant ticket sales was already available again by Puntoticket system with the difference that the value was now of Presales 1 General to $38.900 surcharge included.

Already all calmer, they began to show their happiness to share photographs with your tickets in hand, what already assure the passage to the festival.
(Photo tickets)

While in networks, Mc Villain It is pronounced with a publication of the ticket and the hashtag";Chile is a #Manhard:;.

On the other side, IBO Örgüt, producer on Q-Dance and who first came to Chile for Q-Dance stage at Mysteryland 2011 He shared another image surprised by the quick sale Early Bird tickets.

In the afternoon, Wildstylez He shared the image of Chilean flags in the Q-Dance Mysteryland Holland stage next to the mention that would stepping on our soil the 12 December, becoming well in the first dj confirmed next Mc Villain. Already with this information, is to be expected that the official anthem of Defqon.1 Chile-; Unleash the Beast is done by Wildstylez and why not, along with the voice of MC Villain.

Now, only wait for with the passage of days the Line free full and to let all fans happy with this one that will be, the first edition of Defqon.1 Chile. #DQ1CL

We remind you that you can still buy your ticket system

Chi chi chi him him him, Living Chileee!!! See you at #Defqon1!

Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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