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Defqon.1 anthem Chile (Unofficial)

Few days ago, We collect a lot of unofficial anthems of Chilean producers who performed for the Defqon.1 festival which will be held in Chile in December. Our intention is to spread the talent of them on our site, for which, We create an article about it and sharing each track of the national producers that made us arrive their anthems (read article).

However, many us mentioned";They forgot to include the Fireshock anthem”; and the truth is Yes and no. We forget it intentionally Since we saw that the level was really powerful, Therefore we come to Fireshock and to Transeuterz for propose to launch a video with images of the festival for the proposal of anthem that they made and since that all started.

This boys, had the will and patience for not publish the full preview, while worked in the video with the full track; and while this was happening, Transeuterz upload an screenshot of the audio file with the name of the track and this, was retwiteado by the footballer Brennan Heart citing";Get the official anthem colleague"; and even, tagging to Q-dance in the post.


Later and a big surprise for them as for us, was that Brennan played the track of these national producers live on SlamFM; well known radio for electronic music in the Netherlands which has up to their own tv channel. And as if it wasn't enough, the track was included in the podcast of Brennan Heart called;We R Hardstyle”; September episode.

Incredible support of the artist towards our compatriots and even had pending the release of the video in which was working.

Monday at 20:30hrs approx., was published the material with an edition of special video for the track as well as images of the Defqon.1 Holland aftermovies 2013 to 2015; Defqon.1 Australia 2013-2014; and Q-dance Mysteryland stage 2011-2013.

:;The idea is to capture the best fragments or the most representative of this edition of Defqon.1 and translate them into the video. As it is a day of festival, There couldn't be images of tents, or camping because that was completely incoherent. However, not for the show, the expectation, the excitement and energy of the people, recovering images of djs that have also been in special opportunities in Chile.

On the other hand did not include sound effects except in the intro, Since the idea is to highlight above all the work of Transeuterz and Fireshock as supported producers of this material that it is now possible to call Audiovisual";. says it is clear the intention and at the same time the use of images for this video we share and generated a great response from the fans on our facebook account.

Once published the video and see many reproductions and fans sharing this work together, We are very happy because we have truly fulfilled the role of support and spread the material from two national producers by empowering them with the video clip of the track.

How was the idea of making the anthem born?

Fireshock: It was intended from long ago to produce an anthem for Defqon.1 Chile.
The first version has the essence of the subject, a very good melody but felt that the topic could be even better.
Sebastian is a great friend, and considering their ability, I show him the track and he thought it was pretty good,
Thus was born the idea and decided to work together.

Transeuterz: I heard his song and I thought that it had enough potential, so I decided to improve it and give it the touch pro that was missing. And so was born";"Take The Jump";.

What was your reaction to seeing that Brennan Heart support them including the track in your podcast?

:;The truth was something quite unexpected. First this tweet from Transeuterz in which Fabian Bohn refers to which you would like to make an official anthem for Defqon.1 Chile tagging / naming Q-dance, was something really spectacular.

Then we ship the item the day before podcast and were convinced that would not be included.
On Thursday, listening to the podcast,they were all great tracks and all exclusive and we think that it would be impossible due to the level. But at the time was when we hear our theme. It is an inexplicable feeling. That a legend support you, means a lot!”;

What do you think the reaction of the public?

:;Spectacular Pufff,a lot of likes,very positive opinions. "We hope that it continues to grow in popularity and who knows if make it official Hahahaha";

What would be the next step with this anthem? What you would like it to happen?

:;For us it would be an honor that listen on the endshow, or even in a set on the main stage(Hopefully the same Brennan Heart :P)
And also another dream would be to be an official anthem,but that's very very difficult lol";

We hope to ensure compliance with the objectives of the boys, also thank this little interview concerning the work carried out. As it says the phrase";If you want you can”; and if proposed objectives, There always will be people who want to support when you view work and good results.

Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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