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Zatox –; New World Order Tour Review

On Saturday 01 of August the event was held of Disaster Party at the Caupolicán Theatre, with the presentation of the great Zatox with Kronos, Noiseshock, Tediz and Danidemente; and we as official media partner so, we couldn't be absent.

At 22hrs the doors opened at the caupolican theatre to start an event which featured a special guest of last minute, we are talking about DJ Kronos. The Italian, friend of Zatox and also member of his label :;Unite Records:;, performed an intervention during the presentation of Zatox in Defqon.1 mainstage.

The party began with a national dj and which is recognized by all in the scene, we are talking about Tediz who had an incredible presentation of 2:30hrs of duration, where he played early hardstyle and Raw tracks that no doubt made to dance to the crowd.

It should be noted that it was a great challenge to play so long for everyone, and on the other hand included up to a show of synthesizers and electric guitars (Live act) as only Tediz, can do.

Back to Tediz, the great presentation of Noiseshock, the Argentinian who is presented for the third time in our country and who also already had shared the stage with Kronos and Zatox in his homeland. This big hardstyle producer plays many hits but no doubt, We are left with their production";Cosmic:;, a track that we listened for the first time from the hand of Wildstylez "in an edition of";The Qontinent"; and that it is part of the seal";Lose Control Music:;.

Great reception from the crowd, the Argentine took after his hour-long presentation about on stage, with our MC Tryp who was responsible for encouraging the crowd during their set.

Later, Danidemente climbed to the stage with the company of MC Riser in a set that is different from what the Chilean often and is back to its origins playing hardcore, so for those who believed that the night would be only hardstyle, they were wrong.

Finally, Zatox It was present on the stage to lift the audience with hardstyle and delight us with his wonderful and powerful tracks in kick, like he do in his last album New World Order, otherwise it is the name of their South America Tour.

He left with a track that we consider a classic and that is";Action”; with the voice of MC Villain,, followed by an edit the";Masterblade”; and";Zombie Nation:;. "Also during the night we hear great tracks like";Gangsta”; of WMF, :;Dragonborn”; of Headhunterz, :;FTS"; by Showtek, :;Back in the days”; of Zatox with Brennan Heart, :;Natural Born Raver:;, :;Hardstyle Anytime”; with the voice of Dave Revan among many more than you can see and hear in our videos.

To us, This video is special, because we believe that It was the most epic moment of the night where from the top, was released a lot of balloons, inflatable balls and even giant dildos (hahaha).

Last and not least, Kronos in an exclusive presentation where he played his best raw tracks as";Boombaby:;, :;Fuck the system:;, :;Bad Guy:;, :;Game over”; with Drone and";Maddafaka Maddafaka”; "ending with";Seven”; at E-Force.


No doubt that all last night enjoyed the most of this event and especially, presentations by international artists since not every day we can afford to see a big artist like Zatox, Kronos and Noiseshock. On the other hand as always the nationals were always at the top, despite the criticism from the public to put new djs and give chance to others with enough talent for a show of this level, but that, It is not our task and escapes from our hands.

The sound It is something that many criticized and really didn't sound as well as other occasions. maybe the line array of Caupolican weren't at their best performance. At least we heard 4 cuts of audio in one of the Line array and despite being rather short that, makes lose the focus of the artist.

On the other hand, lighting It was not the best, But if you could see that they were controlled like the led background. Did you miss the laser?? Yes, at least us, we miss them but, who needs so many effects if with great djs and music is enough?.

Surprise factor, I think that they did, really drop a lot of balloons and inflatable figures that turn on the crowd, when we witness from on high and we recorded for you (see above).

About Stage in truth, we do not like the idea of creating a vip on this, because instead of being the point of attention, they become those who are on stage dancing, drinking or just watching. This really is one of the things that I hope will not be repeated, because in addition to harming the artist (without giving his own space) it hinders the work of photographers and cameramen to record key moments in each presentation. We hope all the producers of hard in Chile read this.
Out of those details, everyone was happy because they saw their national and international idols.

We greatly appreciate to all those who made possible this Disaster Party team as well as to all the media like us who collaborated in spreading the event.

And you, Did you enjoyed??

Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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