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The new Frontliner Live

Frontliner surprised all his followers with a video on facebook of his presentation at the festival The Qontinent.

The majority of the followers of the hardstyle meets this man called Barry and more known as Frontliner who yesterday surprised her fans with a notification via facebook where we invited to see a Frontliner-live video.

It was of the new facebook application call";Facebook Mentions:;, an application for Apple to bring the artists with their fans where can they only make use of this application, artists who have a verified fanpage as it is the case of Frontliner.


This year, "the artist better known as";The Melodyman”; as the genius of tracks in hardstyle, which also has a track with that name, highlighted by always be dedicated to his fans and generating constant feedback with them.

The artist is currently in the process of launching its new album :;The Summer of Frontliner 2”; and recently launched by Beatport a pack with an enormous amount of samples which would produce used them and develop their creativity with them without wasting too much time in creating a sound called";Frontliner –; The sample pack:;, method that criticize the producers with more paths, but fans are grateful.


Now, the artist makes another interesting milestone and that the first of the hard dance make use of this application at the festival The Qontinent where we got the notification and We could see through your mobile phone part of the set of Dj Stephanie and then your set in the Gathering of the festival made by Q-Dance.

We, We call this new Live mode It is certainly a new modality that will surely begin to replicate several artists at a time passing us in live festival thousands of kilometers from us to see from their perspective the environment and part of his show.


Frontliner, always going one step closer to the front which is why his fans love it, Since it is dedicated with your audience and you're thinking about them so can live new experiences that not all offer. Not for nothing one of their albums was called";For the People”; (by the people).

On the other hand, Remember that long ago Q-dance supported it to transmit to the artist from his Studio producing and answering questions or taking ideas that same fans were saying in chat.

We believe both that knowledge is shared and what better if comes from the hand of one of the best producers of hardstyle worldwide.

We are grateful that they comment that they say about this and what they thought in the first instance this Frontliner video.

Frontliner @ The Qontinent 2015

Posted by Frontliner on Viernes, 7 de agosto de 2015

Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder & Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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