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Gunz for Hire begins a new attack

During the day we could realize a great movement that generated the Gangsters in their networks due to the new image of the next Tour called;No Mercy”; It will be at the end of this 2015.

"After two big tours as";Sorrow";, :;The Resistance"; and";GangsterParadise"; "the most popular rawstyle duo is ready for a new attack with";No Mercy"; where a facet as picture show much more aggressive and striking where also added the residents come more powerful than ever in Roughstate, the independent label formed by Gunz for Hire (Ran-d &; Adaro), B-front, Frequencerz.

In the publication, They point out the following to describe this new concept of gangsters";…;All I can say, It is to prepare for a revolutionary and sensational experience...;:;. Like this, They describe part of their upcoming presentations in which the first will be the 31 October in the Time Out Parkeergelegenheid Holland.

On the other hand, the new look of the gangster no longer suit and tie If not that a leather jacket, the best style of hired killers "where they follow a line of Golden colors as they presented it on the cover of";Brooklyn"; one of his last musical productions.

We, We believe that it is time to visit our country and although nothing is confirmed, After this release, there is a 80% probability that may come since both artists have already come separately and what better present to Gunz for Hire in the first Chilean version of Defqon.1, It would be a dream come true for many fans like us.

To be vigilant to see that surprise us Gangsters";In our world...;There is no mercy:;, but before the end of, We share the various covers of the gangsters in their tours.

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Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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