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The end of Hard with Style

For quite some time that we know that the great new musical line Headhunterz He is doing in his career as an artist. "News that was much criticized by his most loyal followers when he received the gold after his last big hit called disc";Colors";, where published an exciting video where he says that it would begin a new stage in his life and was, devote himself to music more filled it which corresponds to the known for all EDM.

Hard with Style podcast, his latest project linked with hardstyle He has apparently come to an end. In 46 episodes, We filled with emotion and music sharing successes of artists, interviews and near the end, guestmix by other great artists like CodeBlack, Wildstylez, Da Tweekaz, and many more.

On Podcast number 46, already referred by fans that it was the end of Hard with Style because in this episode, Headhunterz dedicated to his story, the history of large tracks that became indisputable successes by the public and which was telling us through music career and the new musical line that was following, reason why he called it :;"The seed of Origins"; (La semilla de los Orígenes).

Today, a couple of hours ago, HHZ posted on his Hard with Style youtube account a pretty precise video, on the one hand but on the other hand hopeful, with the track a double reading of farewell and gratitude to all who have supported his project, closing with the phrase :;…;so close your eyes"; (…;Asi que cierra los ojos).

With that message, many fans already began to publish under the video that it is the end of an era, of Hard with Style and linked to the hardstyle Headhunterz, thus putting an end to this beautiful project.

If it really is the end, Bassmusic are totally grateful about what Headhunterz gave us musically for years, visiting our country and playing great classics of him while belonged even to Scantraxx Recordz for a Mysteryland 2011. Thank that has won many fans with his music without any doubt, many today know it hardstyle because of him.

It is very sad think about a big bounce, but we must respect their decision we are or not agree. For that, nothing more to say that, Thank you so much Headhunterz!

Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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