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Q-Dance presents: Headhunterz –; The Final Sacrifice

Based on the blog of Thomas Van Der large (Hard News)
Errata: The article was treated as a new event, However it is the opinion of a columnist for Hard News in relation to end its link with the Hardstyle and suggests the event.

A few days ago, We shared with you the unfortunate news about the possible end of Hard with Style by Headhunterz following the publication of a video on his official youtube account where hinted that the episodes came to an end. (read article)

Today a few moments ago, We saw the shared news on the website of Hard News where Thomas Van Der large comments above about his opinion of how badly Headhunterz managed its change to the EDM and suggests a new event for a January of 2016 by Q-dance radio called;Headhunterz –; The Final Sacrifice:;. Powerful name for an event that certainly makes us stress that this Headhunterz should end its link with the Hardstyle.

The transition

Thomas Van Der large in his article (see here), highlights the rather than D-Block has done &; Stefan who to use this alias in your events people assume that they will play Hardstyle and when they are in a line up as DBSTF is assumed by the public that they will do a set of edm. Es decir, have separated very cleverly the things, music styles, While one side and they know well how to do, but at the same time, they expand to new audiences were not coming to which before and are now conquering.

On the other hand, Headhunterz has done things a bit wrong in that respect already that he is seen in edm events, music to which it has been devoting the last time and not has made clear his musical line that despite this, still playing in events of Q-dance and playing hardstyle properly such.

Many repeatedly had asked it before, on the by that was still playing Hardstyle if you had already changed the style. We believe that simply by fear or bad advice to the artist based on the management of the public by this radical change. In fact, HardNews stresses that when asked about hardstyle, There is no response from the artist. (Very different from what has made D-Block &; Stefan).



The Final Sacrifice

This new possible Headhunterz event would be made by Q-dance a 23 January on the Ziggo Dome of Amsterdam where would be expected to bid farewell to the best way possible and as all us fans of the hardstyle we like, According to highlights Thomas as his desire.


Definitely, This is a story that may be extended more than necessary and will allow much speculation, "but now could have expiry date and several us convertiriamos since then in";widowers of Headhunterz”; (Laughter), but you have to understand the artist and what must be going through his mind at the moment, by which you We give him our support and success again as we did in our article on Hard with Style (read article).

One not less detail, the columnist of Hard News add at the end of the article :;Willem, I hope pay attention to my desire. Therefore, that is altogether as Project live 1″;

What do you think of this?

Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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