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Dominator 2015 –; Riders of Retaliation

At 06 am hour of Chile began the official transmission of one of the most important Hardcore festivals around the world and whose name is Dominator, organized by the producer Art of Dance and for the other we know very well here in our country, Q-Dance.

Once again, both producers at the same time working to give us this great festival which again as in previous years, it is transmitted via online, but with the detail that only the audio of the mainstage is transmitted and not in other stages or video as it happened recently with Defqon.1.

The theme of this year, or rather, the concept, fue “;Riders of Retaliation”; and official anthem was in charge of Tha Playah &; Nosferatu, two of the most influential hardcore artists according to highlights Dominator, joining forces for this anthem.

The line-up once was more brutal!!! If you really like Hardcore, whenever one sees these line up literally falls into depression because it is wonderful to see so many great artists together simply.


As the transmission was only the mainstage, We share here each of the set of Dominator where played Triax, Re-Style, Dyprax &; Bodyshock, Korsakoff, Mad Dog, Noize Supressor, Destructive Tendencies Live, Miss k8, Outblast &; Neophyte, Angerfist Live, Evil Activities, Unexist Live and closing, Tha Playah &; Nosferatu.

Despite having transmission, This was not 100% continuous because for the set of Noize Suppressor on several occasions the signal was cut in Hardcore Radio both Q-Dance Radio. However, Once again we thank the opportunity that the producers provide us to hear these live events since years ago not be performed and thus not we learned that it was happening on the other side of the world. Today, this is no longer so and they keep us updated constantly and we to you.

We share some of the impressions, a couple of featured pictures in that gallery Dominator they has published on his fanpage.

And finally a question What was your favorite set?

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Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder & Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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