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DJ Mag Top100 has begun

Today we have been able to be victims of spam mass of all of our favorite artists, which have shared a picture or video with the logo of the Top100 Dj Mag so you vote for them. Thus it was announced last night, that Monday was home to this vote of the world where all the Djs of all genres have in your vote.

Should be noted that as in previous years, you have the option of choosing your Top5, that means you have 5 quotas to vote realizing that some vote 5 times by the same artist. Definitely, It is a decision that more fans dare to do because those who love the genre boast more than one favorite.

Focusing on the scene Hard Dance World, last year there were a couple of surprises and at the same time some casualties in the table of positions with regard to the place (view all). This, We remember that once again Angerfist crowned as the first of the Hard Dance in the Top100 of Dj mag in the position #37, Code Black entered for the first time to the Top100 on the position #92 even a Wildstylez which was in the #95 and another new surprise was Radical Redemption who enter by first time also making the position #64. Radical Redemption without doubt one of the winners in this pass of the 2014 to enter this group and get a good position.

Who fell over positions was Wildstylez who as mentioned above, was in place number #95 After suffering the incredible low of 39 jobs.


Many fans, they have constantly criticized this vote as a trade vote and that basically does not define the best DJ in the world. However, It is the only vote that thus the valid independent of truth if are good or not. Therefore we ask ourselves Why not begin to vote more for our Hard Dance djs?.

We certainly have the votes that everyone wants to, But if these are focused on the djs who have done well, those who have distinguished themselves or people who think best, the results could change and We could even include more djs of Hard dance in the Top100 of existing ones.

Everything will depend on us "and take this vote seriously for those who we consider";Ghost producers"; and";bad artists"; do not appear or directly download them from position so that the true appear in the table. The idea is to make feel that Hard Dance is more present than ever and it is the genre that will dominate their minds.

Now the choice is yours to be part of this story to renew to the usual and put to those who follow, the big the Hardstyle, hardcore, Freestyle among others. We recommend to your artists label after vote. Let them know that they have your support and they sure will thank you. Twiteales, write on their walls and above all tell them";Come to Chile”; (Laughter).

The vote, It has already begun. By those who vote your??

Vote here


Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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