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Aftermovie Intents Festival 2015

After the great reception that big Hard Dance festivals have in the old continent, We have been able to appreciate as they have emerged new producers and Festival with enough interesting concepts in its staging referring to the scenery, line up, location, among many other items to consider.

One of these festivals is Intents Festival, which has been made every year since the comeinzo in the 2004 with little notice in a home but are devoting today as one of the major festivals in the Netherlands.

On 5 of June, the version was performed 2015 with an amazing mainstage as also stages of other genres like Freestyle &; Hardcore also joining the modality of camping for participants.


Yesterday, was published the aftermovie of this Festival of which we certainly want to talk due is very well produced and therefore, we qualify it as The best Aftermovie until that far this year.

This video is directed by Kevin Gansemans, who also was a cameraman at the same festival and we could know, because he was who makes registering and directing the aftermovie of the Q-dance stage at Mysteryland Chile 2013.

Today, It surprises us with this production in little more than 13 minutes of intensity of emotions, music, effects and sounds. Congratulations to the production of this festival for the success they have achieved and of course all the media team that recorded and performed this wonderful aftermovie. Enjoy Intents!


Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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