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A great night at Movistar Arena

The past 2 of May, We enjoyed a great event in the dome of the Movistar Arena where arose the great international artists Wildstylez, MC Villain, and further Atmozfears who joined the event one week prior to.

Also, featured outstanding presentations of national djs like Halikom, Blame Noise, Tediz and the duo Sickddellz who is ready to play in the Purple stage at Defqon.1 this year.

As you can see, a line up powerful international artists and new djs arising in front of 4000 harders as we commented once finished the show.

We as Bass Music, We were working as Media Partners of this event and we recorded some videos of the djs, the epic moments while everyone enjoyed dancing and that may revive below.

The national



Wildstylez &; Villain Live © JGacitua.cl

Halikom, He was responsible for opening the stage and indeed did so amazing with his particular musical style of EDM and Dubstep. Halikom, He was one of the participants in the Contest of Ultra and became very advanced participation but it failed to win. However, This event is consolidated as a powerful exponent in its genre especially for being a young guy with so much talent and stage management, and we are proud to have witnessed.

Blame Noise

Wildstylez &; Villain Live © JGacitua.cl

Subsequently the presentation of Blame Noise who was to know for the first time in a major event since he had little previous performances in Hard Soldiers and Punsh. Now, has positioned itself as a great exponent with so much talent and especially by highlight something that not many do nowadays and which corresponds to the mix of mash-up live.

With all the presence, He came out on stage and set the Movistar Arena being the first dj to play Hardstyle night (see video).

DJ Tediz

Wildstylez &; Villain Live © JGacitua.cl

Coming up on stage DJ Tediz, who it really not need to speak about him because nowadays is one of the most recognized dj and icons of the hardstyle nationwide, characterized by their presentations of Show Live Act and that on this occasion it innovated in the use of synthesizer in conjunction with two musicians, a violinist and a guitarist.

It is listed as one of the most influential in the scene djs imposing his style of raw Hardstyle above other presentations. On stage, included with the animation of MC Riser who accompanied Tediz in his presentation and in turn to the public.


Wildstylez &; Villain Live © JGacitua.cl

Despite the fact that many have criticised him prior to this event at the Movistar Arena, the national duo was present on the stage Sickddellz. Started with one of their tracks, the duo of djs and producers They launched a series of own tracks It had great response from the crowd.

Sickddellz currently prepares to perform at Defqon.1 Holland, working on the production of large amounts of new material in order to achieve an international label and to expand his career outside of Chile. Now, We wish them every success for their work and talent (see video).

The international



Wildstylez &; Villain Live © JGacitua.cl

The most anticipated no doubt, Wildstylez who has come to our country countless times with his particular show. "A dj and producer of high level that delighted us with large tracks of their latest productions to less bpm as also euphoric songs as";Timeless"; (see video).

:;Today all are producing Rawstyle and increasingly fast and strong focusing on the Kick, not melodies or the sound of a track itself. For which reason I want to show that tracks with less BPM can be and remain hardstyle”; (Wildstylez commented us in the backstage after to ask him about his latest collaboration with so-called Audiotricz";Turn the music Up!”;).

Another highlight was when launched the track that gave him the name of our capital";Santiago”; where everyone chanted and danced non-stop.


Wildstylez &; Villain Live © JGacitua.cl

Another great expected overnight and for the first time in our country was Tim, better known as Atmozfears "who delighted us with its characteristic melodic and euphoric hardstyle tracks as";Reawakening"; with Audiotricz, The anthem of XXlerator";Accelerate”; with Code Black and a track that soon will be called";Release”; (see video).

Villain Live

Wildstylez &; Villain Live © JGacitua.cl

Closing night with several tracks of Hardstyle Raw, Villain Live delighting us with tracks where he has participated in vocals and hits as";Men of Steel”; at Frequencerz with E-Force.

Near the end, the villain launched the Defqon.1 Holland anthem of this year by Ran-D and that we listen fully live for the first time (see video).

Wildstylez &; Villain Live © JGacitua.cl

A great night experienced by many, a great reunion together the hardstyle and great artists such as those who visited us and a new experience for all fans of the Hard Dance revived in this small article.

Photography by: @Jgacitua. CL

Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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