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The new album";Veteran of Style"; by Activator

Yesterday published the great news that through our fanpage dj Activator He is working on his next album called;Veteran of style”; (alluding to his long career as dj/producer Hardstyle/subground).

It was announced by the same Activator , will be an album that will have 24 tracks and they will be divided in 4 categories, Euphoric, Early, Raw and Nu-Style. For each of these categories they will exist 6 tracks and the first six, corresponding to the Euphoric tracks, they will be known the 1 of May.

Today early in the morning, we learned of the the first preview, the first video with parts very short of each category and the most striking to us as Chileans, is that the record video they correspond to the presentation of Manuel in The Sound of Q-Dance Chile last October.

Raises the volume, and sit comfortable and enjoy this preview, "the first of";Veteran of Style”; #VOS the new album of Activator which we consider, It should be the album of the year.

Part 1 : Euphoric
2-I close my eyes
3-The world is changed
4-Another chapter
5-My freedom

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Marco Hammer Cabello

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Daniela Tapia del Rio

Author Marco Hammer

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