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Defqon1 Anthem 2015

Days pass and every time we see more information about this great festival called Defqon.1 produced by Q-Dance, in where a few weeks ago was released the official poster next to the concept of this year called";No Guts, No Glory”; (Without Courage, No Gloria), plus a couple of days ago was released the official anthem.

Defqon.1 is for many, the most important festival of Hard Dance Music that packs a lot of musical styles, a number of scenarios and over 100 artists who are ready to make you dance a full weekend away from the city and sharing with people from all over the world. To us Tomorrowland is the Hard, where people from different places come together to visit the festival, enjoy a show like no other and the best artists of the hard dance scene worldwide.

With the recent emergence of trailer and the official anthem of Defqon.1 2015, We have read a number of both positive and negative about the anthem performed by Ran-D, miembro de Gunz for Hire.
The particular controversy generated reviews because many believe that on one hand the artist deserved not perform the anthem, is not what is Ran-D, not comply with the wow factor of a hymn and other straight simply disliked by its simplicity.

However, Not all comments are negative and there are others who rescued him perform Ran-D, as well as to adapt his style to that of an anthem with a single track without being Raw but with a tone of rudeness.

Last year, Something similar happened after the anthem of Defqon.1 Australia was released because for the opinion of the fans, the Australian version was higher than the official Dutch. Remember, in Australia the anthem was conducted by Code Black in the anthem called Unleash the beast.

In the case of the Dutch version, He was in charge of Coone in the anthem called Survival of the Fittest and is undoubtedly one of the most memorable but not the best anthem as there are many who defined an era and the list of previous anthems Scrap Attack at Headhunterz, Weekend Warriors at Frontliner or the incredible version called World of Madness at Headhunterz &; Wildstylez vs Noisecontrollers of 2012.

We must be sincere, and then go back and listen to the anthems of prior years Defqon1, the current anthem lacked better production, perhaps more work or that spark that could generate Defqon.1 only hearing one of his hymns, something like the anthem of Intents Festival by Ran-D ft. E-life called The Hunt.

Yet despite all of the above, every time we hear again the anthem of the year, pleases us more. Strange Truth?. But that's, to listen the anthem watching the video with images of the previous edition of Defqon1 also generates that feeling";EPIC and legendary";. And you are:

What do you think of the anthem of Defqon.1 2015?

marco_profile0Written by:
Marco Hammer Cabello

dani_profile0Edited by:
Daniela Tapia del Rio

Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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