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Danidemente and their first steps outside Chile

Last week was not any week, especially for the scene Hard Dance Nacional and especially for a man named :;Danidemente";.

This, because last week was published on line up oficial at Defqon.1 Netherlands, where Chile will attend the Purple stage This great festival and also represent us in the Q-dance stage in the first edition of Tomorrowland Brazil in May.

Networks broke with this great news which had a great reception from the public that supports Dani in this great adventure will give his first steps outside Chile and best hand Q-dance. But It How had these two great news for Danidemente?


After the Sunset

It all started after big play in representing the country in The Sound of Q-dance III, where he made an incredibly short presentation at Espacio Riesco which was sufficient to demonstrate their strengths, like the management on stage, interaction with the public, technique, staging and to animation.


In the middle of the night, backstage, Mr. Jonas (Creative and one of the Fundadores de Q-Dance) "approaching Dani and congratulates you on your presentation by adding";…;I'll take you to touch Defqon.1:;. It was at that point where Dani did not think of emotion responding to play Defqon.1 was his dream.

Thus began the adventure with the support of one of the most important people in the production, words were confirmed when Dani receives in the mail the contract and any indication of his presentation at the most important festival of Hard Dance Music worldwide (Ver Line up).


Parallel, almost a week or two, Dani receive an email where you recommend and production Tomorrowland Brazil it is contacted with him to bookearlo in the line up of Q-dance stage at the festival (ver line up) without hesitation, signed two contracts with two major festivals.

Undoubtedly :;two birds with one stone";, the perfect kickoff to become known to the world as one of the best DJs in Chile and in truth most times it has been playing in Q-dance achieving its third down and so to continue, which has a huge credit thanks to their sacrifice, honesty, temperament and experience as a dj.

We who know him very closely, We are happy for him and always support as well as some wanted you see below, the public wants to see on top and they are finally, who decide the success of our artists (roman coliseum). And as the slogan says this year Defqon.1 :;Without sacrifice, There is no glory";.

marco_profile0Written by:
Marco Hammer Cabello

dani_profile0Edited by:
Daniela Tapia del Rio

Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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