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A picture is worth 100 words

The world of marketing and digital media allow us to obtain a greater dissemination of our work above all for those emerging producers/djs who want to make themselves known to the world where the majority begins with the classic alias or pseudonym and send to design your logos or sometimes, make themselves.

The image or brand, It is a very important issue if you intend to achieve broader public or show professionally and differentiate your skills. It is for this reason that";to invest”; a good image is super important if you want to develop your career in Chile and abroad. And we highlight quotes invest that's what it is, an investment in your future if things go seriously. But It What kind of images we are talking?



Certainly this must be your hallmark throughout your career, is the brand of your company, the image that you represent both to you as to your music, Therefore it must be a study that do not take lightly to get the expected result. Para ello, It is always good to know about or logos of artists who are your taste or reflect your style for this they generate their own or at least have a vision of the as it could be.


Fotografía de estudio

fotografía de estudio

La tradicional foto de estudio, es una fotografía con iluminación profesional con fondo blanco o negro (idealmente) that certainly is a great investment for the famous";Press kit material”; (Material de prensa). This photograph, no doubt one should speak of your personality, of your attitude or character depending on the style musical in which you work.


Photography";In Action";in_action

The image";In Action"; corresponde a una imagen en donde estés en los controles o con tu micrófono si eres MC, destacando así tu función y parte de la puesta en escena. In the background, "is show where get state stopped and the";Como te ves haciendo tu trabajo:;.


El Artwork


It is an unfamiliar term for many but highly valued in the market, Since it is the image that represents or reflects what you are more commercially from a studio photography to a myriad of ideas that can be reflected in them.

Generally used for covers, social networks, ads relevant or simply as part of your image as a mark since you must understand that in the average musical, your are your company and also a product that delivers a service that is the art of the music and entertainment.


Press Kit Material

The kit usually producers or events applying for artists/DJs to announce them in the line-up of an event and is very unprofessional you send a picture in low quality from your gallery on facebook. Independent if you are using your image quality in a small size, "you must give the impression of";He cares to show well and with quality:;.

En el Press Kit Material en profundidad, aparte de la fotografía de estudio, "you can include all of the above mentioned since it corresponds to a";Book"; or portfolio in terms of image. Es decir, en esa carpeta corresponden los siguientes elementos:

  • Fotografía de estudio (1 to 2)
  • Fotografía In Action (1 to 2)
  • Artwork (generalmente 1)
  • Logo (Vector + JPEG)
  • Tu biografía


La Biografía

En el caso de la biografía, always try to be breve y directo, nunca añadas más de la cuenta y lo que escribas en ella debe ser muy relevante para que no aburra a quien lo lea, ya que el resto del trabajo lo hacen las imágenes que hablaran por si solas de quien eres y que haces.

By the way, always includes the version in Spanish and English well translated (no con google translator).

Add your networksredes

It is important that the biography include your networks and that these have a similar url in Username. The ideal is that they are all equal or similar as shown in the image above.


Finally, remember you include pictures in high quality as well as your logo cleanly, no effects or edges without background, sometimes by the time these materials should be published quickly and there are no instances to correct what you should have ready before.

If you require advice or one of the jobs above, You can consult with:

@Jgacitua.cl –; Fotografía de estudio / In Action / Other Ones
@Hammer.cl –; Design / Logo / Artworkz / Other Ones

Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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