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Review: Reverze Illumination 2015 LIVE

It had been announced about a week ago that Reverze Only a ser broadcast live by youtube from Belgium to everyone. We had written a month ago to the producer, and one of the managers to disclose the information replied that if there would Broadcasting but I could not even be mentioned, therefore respect the decision until the publish them.

This time there was a special reason, and is that Reverze fulfilled 10 years old as consolidated in the hard dance scene event in Belgium and also recognized as the best. Not for nothing this time enjoyed the Full HD streaming for the first time, yes i do, first to 1080p special to watch from the comfort of your living room or in the large desktop monitor.



At 17:00hrs o'clock began streaming the big event and largest in Belgium called Reverze by producer Bass Events. We were waiting expectantly transmission and very euphoric saw the apparition of Dr.Rude, the first dj on stage who delighted us with a Warm up with big hits with sounds trap, Textile, y hardstyle jumpstyle.

"Between the track Dr.Rude included in the set were";Mosh pit (Headhunterz remix):;, :;DaRUDE-; Sandstorm (ID edit):;, :;Tremor (Lny TNZ remix):;, :;The Prophet –; Ordinay life (edit):;, :;Audiofreq-; Warcry:;,”;Yellow Claw ft. LNY-TNZ-; Last Night Ever:;, :;Da Tweekaz -Break the Spell (Dr. Rude remix):;, :;Zombie Nation/Make it Louder (Mashup):;, :;Ready for the Weekend (Audiotricz remix)”; and I could not miss";Kalavela Shot me Down”; the own Dr. Rude.


Wasted Penguinz


A 18hrs begins the official start of the event with an intro about 1 minute and where mention is made to Wasted Penguinz and voice Mc Villain.

It is then that we see on screen a tweet of them indicating that they will play so many new tracks in their set, so they understand that we could not make a clear track the tracklist but if, we must recognize that Wasted Penguinz have that great sound that teleports you.


However in their set if we were familiar tracks as";Melancholia:;, :;Stay Alive”; and a track which also rang in Hard Bass by the Team Blue, which is apparently called";In my lips”; which would Wasted Penguinz in collaboration with another artist we think is Atmozfears. "Also a great hit as";Retrospect”; Josh &; Wesz who gave talk lately as they continue in their musical line but in a renewed way, with characteristic sounds 2010 and that, the public has valued much.

Mark with a K Live


19hrs starts the set of 30 minutes Great Mark with a K with a very expectant production introduction Bass Events. Long jump, Tek and freestyle far only as K knows how to do.

In his show, "we could not miss either a classic like";Music is my Alibi”; "where all the audience in the Sportpaleis coreo the track and sounded then Red hot Chili Peppers in a remix of";"By the Way"; in a version obviously, Tek.

Great presentation of the artist who delighted us with many tracks and so little time. A major challenge as a DJ but certainly did amazing!

TNT –; Technoboy &; Tuneboy


Starting with the collab with Audiotricz called;Guettoblaster"; "and followed by";Blacklist:;, TNT in Italian duo composed by Technoboy and Tuneboy Lights Sportpaleis with his particular style being one of the most anticipated shows in Reverze.

"Later we were able to listen to and enjoy of";Digital Nation:;, besides the track that were producing this past week, We also heard";Skinner:;, :;XY”; Tuneboy, :;Phases:;, in remix Technoboy of this wonderful track of 2 best Enemies with which they ended their set 45 minutes.

Powerful as these legends themselves hardstyle which are listed as one of the best duos of all time.

Da Tweekaz


What to say about this great duo that just having fun on stage and also their sounds are so particular that no doubt are one of the best today. "With hits like";Bad Habits vs Cheese Police:;, "a new edition of";Real Love:;, :;Letting go vs Frozen:;, :;#Tweekay14:;, :;Break the spells:;, a new track which is apparently called";First date:;, :;Final Examination of Time:;, :;Hewwego”; and like Wasted Penguinz, They also played";Retrospect”; Josh &; Wesz.

"One of the tracks that caught attention was done remix to the song of";sinsajo"; the hunger games film";The Hanging Tree (Bootleg):;, and indeed terrific and ending their set, listen";Little Red Riding hood”; closing beyond belief presentation.

Brennan Heart


The anthem of Reverze was listening to 21:02 Chile with the start time of filing of Brennan Heart with an amazing fireworks show as such events usually do. Also, It was the moment in which the stage had a change where a kind of gate is opened from where they left lasers, fire and a giant LED screen.


Later in the set of Brennan, "we hear an edit of";Imaginary”; where the public address like never, at a time when we were put goosebumps to hear their voices. We also heard on the set";Galanthis-; Runaway”; in bootleg at Focuz and the episode is in January 2015 at WE R Hardstyle podcast de Brennan Heart.


Near the end, "the set began to become Raw with tracks like";It's;s on:;, :;Bassface:;, :;F.I.FO.”; but only until mixed one of the most recognized in the world scene at tracks. "We refer to";Lose my mind:;, a track he made with Wildstylez years ago and remains a hit back where this track, "back to the Raw with";Outta my way:;. Strange change, but Brennan Heart.




22:03 Chile minutes and already enjoyed the Italian scenario Zatox with the track";Hardstyle Anytime”; "with all the power of his kicks followed by";Back in the Days”; a track made together with whom previously played, Brennan Heart.

We know that Zatox has a grill powerful tracks and this time also delighted us with tracks Wild Motherfuckers how";Gangsta:;, :;Wild Wild West:;, :;Natural Born Raver:;, :;FTS”; of retired hardstyle Showtek "and their own as";Kiss my ass:;, :;Get up:;, :;Back to you:;, :;Action:;, :;My life:;, and many more.

By the way, We can not forget that a lot of the tracks played by Zatox correspond to your new album called;New World Order”; o";NWO”; so they may know that the set became Raw, so much so that near the end it touched";Psycho:;, :;Satan:;, :;Extreme”; and near the end";insomnia:;.

At every opportunity is an honor to hear a big as Zatox and his new musical line.

Psyko Punkz


After an amazing set Zatox, enjoyed the Psycho Soldiers, Psyko Punkz "those who wore a large TV set where they played some classic sounds and other recent and renowned as";Like a Loco:;, :;Trippy Hippie:;, :;The Words:;, :;Drunken masta:;, :;Love this life:;, :;Arcadia”; at Hardwell &; Joey Dale feat. Luciana a remix of Psyko Punkz and also near the end, line adopted by the Raw Hardstyle.

Reverze Flashback-; Dark-E vs Ruthless y Mc Chucky


A moment to back in time alongside these artists in a different presentation where they played the true classics of Hard Dance music, in old school, for example";Forever Young:;, :;Hardstyle power:;, :;Make it Loud:;, :;Live the Moment:;, :;The ultimate Seduction:;, :;Just as easy”; among many other nearby sounds of Jumpstyle Bass and Reverze.


In image, all audience members had color bars for a illuminate the Sportpaleis and move to the music of these great tracks that never forget.

This certainly, It was the moment in which many later recovered energy to keep enjoying what would, Hard Driver Live.

Hard Driver Live


Hard Driver played a series of well-powerful tracks and turn some new which could not identify but surely it are new productions and collaborations with other artists.

However among the tracks that if we recognized were";Stand My Bassdrops”; :;Crash ‘n Burn:;, :;Welcome To The Jungle (Hard Driver Bootleg):;, :;The Front Row:;, :;The Hunter (Edit):;, :;Fight For Survival (Hard Driver Remix):;,”;Crank it Up:;, :;Pitch Black (Hard Bass 2015 Edit)”; "and in the end almost to give the perfect pass to the next artist";United From The Start:;, un track Hard Driver and Radical Redemption with which closes its great presentation.

Radical Redemption


What can we expect from Joey, aka Radical Redemption. Just a set of those who destroy each stage where it occurs and which otherwise was the artist who focuses on the Raw and darker sounds of hardstyle.

"Enjoy in her amazing set of";Frontliner &; Radical Redemption:;, :;Piece of Shit:;, :;Crackin your Ribs”; and";Reign Supreme”; at Minus Militia, :;Judge me:;, :;Spell of sin:;, :;Brutal 3.0:;, :;Don';t fuck with the Radical:;, :;Brutal 4.0:;, :;Messenger of god”; a track he made with Angerfist "and ends his set with";Bloodrush”; at Angerfist &; Miss k8 almost 200bpm. Just Brutal!

Mc Villain


We can not forget the voice that encourages the audience and motivates us to keep dancing. On one and only Mc Villain who in Chile will have enormous sympathy and affection for others because it is one of the best MC.

Final review



A great show which could enjoy through Youtube and many were connected to our website.

Great fireworks show, very good scenery which as time progressed was changing and raising expectations.

Very good transmission which is always valued by those who can not attend the event and have the option of enjoying from home, work or where they are. Also, to transmit to Full HD certainly was a big surprise and double valued.

Thank you very much for Bass Events and all the people who accompanied us on this transmission Reverze-; Illumination in celebration of a decade of this great event.

marco_profile0Written by:
Marco Hammer Cabello

dani_profile0Edited by:
Daniela Tapia del Rio

Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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