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Hard Bass 2015 review

As mentioned in the previous week, Hard Bass again surprised us with live broadcast of this great indoor event held by the producer B2s and we also want to surprise them with another review of Hard Bass.

For days ago remarked that this edition of Hard Bass, as previous, has the icing on the cake the exclusive artist who generally succeed and therefore each artist in his career also.

In this opportunity, the eyes and ears of fans were mainly in B-Frontliner and Freakz at Night Live, shows which otherwise were immaculate and detailed below in this summary of what was Hard Bass and follow-up did you via Broadcasting.

Warm Up


At 22hrs Netherlands (18Chile hrs) was begun transmitting this great event to warm up by Dj Luna we met the 2012 Mystery Land and Q-Dance stage. Much Early hardstyle, subground, Freestyle y jumpstyle.


Team Blue


Those who gave official start to Hard Bass were the Team Blue, comprising Audiotricz, Toneshifterz and Code Black next to the Live show Bass Modulators.


"A great presentation had the Team with many hits that made dance to the public as";Parachutes:;, :;Momentum:;, :;Unleash the Beast (Defqon.1 Australia Anthem):;, :;Accelerate (XXlerator Anthem):;, :;In my lips:;, :;Our Story”; and";Never break me:;. Also, Many mashup and edit the tracks that the Team Blue imposed on stage as well as a lot of new tracks, exclusive to Hard Bass.


Near the end, hear Showtek with";FTS (Fuck the system):;, :;Guettoblaster”; and";Last night:;thus concluding the show to 20:30Chile hrs.

Bass modulators Live


They started their set powerfully as ever, with Anthem connection to their Team Blue. "Then we heard an exclusive version of";Radiance y Music Is My Life Vocal”; , :;Rocked up:;, :;Let me see ya (Hard Bass Edit):;, a track of Armin Van Buuren next Andrew Rayel called";EIFORYA (Bass Modulators Remix)”; "I like within the most prominent including others ID tracks that lead to end the presentation with";Global Awakening (Live edit):;.



Team green


The green team composed of Brennan Heart, Atmozfears, Zatox and B-Frontliner LIVE in all loved the most euphoric and powerful styles during this time of night.


Among the tracks that we heard in the set was";Wake Up!:;, :;Reawakening:;, :;Boom Baby”; Kronos, :;Stampuhh! (Atmozfears Remix):;, :;New World Order:;,”;Hardbass Junkie (Digital Punk Remix):;, :;Red Alert";, :;F.I.F.O.”; and";Extreme”; among many others.



Being the 22:30hrs in Chile and characterized as newcomers space; dressed in a metallic suit simulating spatial clothing and the American flag in the, take the stage in front of the fervor of the public, B-Frontliner.


Nothing to say about this great duo, certainly one of the most anticipated Live, in a special 30 Hard Bass minutes where they destroyed all the power of melodies Frontliner Raw and aggressive B-Front. A wonderful blend between current sounds with raw hardstyle years ago.


We hear within the tracklist";Space Warrior ”; el Anthem del Team Green, :;Hours Powerrr!:;, :;Become The Sky:;, :;Auditory Nerve:;, :;1.000.000 Stars:;, with several ID tracks.

Near the end, one of the most recognized hits was the listed";Best track Raw"; ever called";Magic:;.



Team Yellow


Composed Adaro, Crypsis, Outbreak and Frequencerz Live, "they make their appearance on stage with";Open the gates”; marking the final start of what the Raw from that time until what would be the end of the night.
Later, Crypsis would mix";The main MF”; and then Outbreak would touch";It's;s On:;, recently released his latest single.


On the set of Team Yellow we also enjoy new tracks Minus Militia, apparently called";Milite yourself”; quite powerful as expected of any track of that great trio composed of Radical Redemption, Chain Reaction and Crypsis which debuted in Hard Bass 2014.

Other tracks we heard was, :;My soul to take:;, :;You shall Die:;, :;Get the mean:;, :;Fuck EDM:;, :;Oldschool Flow”; (which is a track that made Adaro with E-Force), :;Prison of Commercializm:;,”;Push it to the limit:;, :;Gangsta:;, :;Raw to the Fucking Point”; and also a new track, completely powerful call";Dark Universe”; at Crypsis with B-Front. By Outbreak, It could not be absent";#Bassface”; who was given the luxury of taking the microphone and encourage the public to cry";Stop what you are doing, and show me your Bassface!:;.


Crypsis launched";Record Breaking”; Your friend Chain Reaction a special version but with at least 3 Mashup tracks as powerful enough then, was mixed by Outbreak with";We Want Your Soul:;.

Since this most brutal height could not put the show, except that Adaro, He touched the new track of Gunz for Hire :;Make God be with you all”; and obviously these bpm up a little vibrating every soul in the Gelredome on Arnhem.

Frequencerz Live


NEX to Mc Nolz, Frequencerz is present on stage playing the Anthem of Team Yellow called;Noize”; as it did the previous Team and then mix this track with a great song, :;Men of Steel”; at Frequencerz with E-Force.


We enjoyed every moment when we hear";I need you:;, :;Psycho:;, :;Fatality (Hard Bass edit):;, :;Still don';give a fuck:;, :;Threat:;,”;Hollow”; among other tracks ID showing artists. Undoubtedly, presented beautifully with a great technique in the mix.


Team Red


It was already 01 am in Chile and background of the anthem was heard Team Red by Freakz at Night called;Freaks”; and then, presented to the artists Team. Radical Redemption, Titan and Warface with Freakz at Night Livand who finally shown to the public but not to fully identify through transmission, at least at that time.


"He started the set with";Confesions of a Serial Killer”; and then, what appeared to be a new track of Radical Redemption which by its vocal believe it is called";Suicide Bassline:;. The funny thing is that it has vowels Defqon.1 off and that completely caught our attention.


Among those tracks that we recognize is";Leviathan:;, :;FTP (Fuck the Police):;, :;Insane:;, :;Bitch Fight:;, :;Reign Supreme:;, :;The Sentinel:;, :;Spells of sin:;, :;The Hammer of the evil:;, :;Don';t fuck with the Radical:;, :;Apocalypse:;, :;The Baddest:;, :;The cross of blood”; and in the end";Flip Uhm op Z';n Kantje”; with the voice of MC DV8.

We also heard a track with the vowel of Linkin Park";In the end”; a mashup apparently Warface that certainly chanted all the Gelredome.


These Ones 3 Artists are a weapon of mass destruction which nothing can stop. If you got a break from the dance floor was best to be prepared because the track followed was always more brutal than the last. Just great! Perhaps those who wanted to be there and now would be happy to be so sore for a spectacular evening filled with Hardstyle.

Freakz at Night Live!


Phew! finally know who composed this trio. Deetox, E-Force and MC DL it's been Freakz at Night and they came to finish the Gelredome with an incredible show. Hardstyle quite dark as usual Deetox and E-Force above all.


How to define the set of them?

Simple, such as the worst nightmare you could occur, with worthy vocal disturbing psychological horror film combined with the brutality of the kicks, screetchs with reverb and distortion were heartrending.


We recognized in their set";My god”; at E-force with the track Digital Punk, an ID that is apparently Anthem Qapital 2015 , :;Bring the riot”; at Deetox, :;Samara”; at Noisecontrollers but in version Freakz at Night remix, "a new version of";Seven”; with a distorted screetch but no less powerful indeed. Also";Masterclass (Hard Bass live Edit):;, :;Freakz at Night”; hardcore version and ending the set with this wonderful track of E-force with the track Frequencerz called;Men of Steel”; Hardcore version that finally end all the energies of each of the souls in Hard Bass.




We can not forget to mention the unmistakable voice of Mc DV8, in master of ceremony officer Hard Bass and many more events B2S as a resident of that production which accompanied us throughout the evening introducing each Team and encouraging the public.




No doubt that Hard Bass has earned the respect of the people long ago and every time is valued more and more worldwide event. "Get selected as the event with";Best sound quality”; It is an award that certainly has well deserved and it is also one of the most important awards. On the other side, what the Dutch public the Featured as the event Best Line up Nor is less. On the other hand we are far, value profundamentela live broadcast therefore radio as video.

For each Team, just perfect all. Everyone has a feature like more than another but that depends on what kind of hardstyle you prefer or artist you like.

Broadly speaking, were all amazing, especially since B-Frontliner onwards for those who like the more aggressive sounds.

We thank deeply B2s for allowing us to enjoy such events a unsurpassed quality and one signal 100% stable. Also by the great photographic material published by photographers present at the festival as it was Rossumedia.

On the other hand, thank all our supporters interacted on our wall and were watching the event through our web. We'll see in a next transmission!


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