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Freakz at Night records?

This weekend will be held indoor one of the most anticipated events on the continent. We are talking about Hard Bass 2015.

This great event was characterized by having artists are disclosed for the first time either as a duo, new pool or live collaboration as in the case of the Militia Minus 2014.

This time, all fans are expectant to the so-called trio";Freakz at Night”; which gradually we have derived their identities through the tracks that have given us fans, other communities or diffusers media. Until now, we know that E-Force created a song called";"Freakz at Night"; through the seal and also A2 Records, part of their propaganda or form to advertise is with that name, thus, E-Force It is certain letter in this mysterious trio.

On the other hand, the image that has been revealed, There is a woman and is rumored to be nothing more nor less than Deetox, near E-Force and also shared a preview threw it on Freakz at Night where it asks if you are ready and she mentions";Are they?”;.


Finally, though it could be The Prophet the third member, "but thinking in a";Freakz at Night Live”; perhaps there is an MC and fans bet on MC DL, also close to the above and focused on Rawstyle. Anyway, This Saturday we will know who really make this long awaited threesome.


However, We are talking about something that we crossed by mind and is not for anything crazy and that has to do with the idea of a label called";"Freakz at Night records"; o";"Freaks records";

Why do we think this?

Mainly because Freakz at Night as a name associated with the genre Raw has taken too much force as the mysterious trio that now composes.

E-Force It is well recognized within the genus Raw and even more by his track";Seven"; voted best track of 2014.

Adaro responded in a video interview after visiting Chile in The Sound of Q-dance where he was asked about his favorite track so far, to which he responds";I think the track of my friend E-force, Seven";.

New independent label Ran-D, Adaro and two Artists recognized

Very recently, had an interview with Gunz for Hire (Adaro duo and Ran-D) where they welcome the new label which we found in and of which they answered us the following:

G4H: Thank you! It will be an independent label at Ran-D, Adaro and 2 other recognizable names at the scene. We can not deliver much information yet, but will be launched in a big way at some point in the coming months. (See interview here)

After connecting it with friendship Adaro with the track E-Force, believe deeply that generate a seal between them along to a fourth name unknown but can also deduct. Also, Adaro posted on his Instagram preview of a track in collaboration with E-Force called;OldSchool flow!”; and message, stresses that launched a coin to decide who will touch, if he as Adaro Intents Festival E-Force such as Freakz At Night on Hard Bass 2015.


Similar images artwork

Finally, within our hypothesis, "seizes more force two artwork jobs that have graphic matches which may also be a reflection of the relationship between a graph";corporate"; basically, complies with parameters that associate with each other.


In this regard, We analyze the graph of the shirt";Freakz at Night”; and of Adaro. As you can see, the use of triangles and lines that intersect creating";X"; is coincident and do not think it mere coincidence. And if it's the same designer who made both we could find a new connection to our hypothesis.

To expect that will be the mysterious seal

Completing this analysis, conclude inviting them to listen, the sound of this new trio called Rawstyle Freakz at Night, hoping to enjoy the live show on Saturday and see if the new independent label that mentions Adaro with other 2 recognized artists in the scene, call it the seal, how we think.

Update 05/02/2015

Through our fanpage, Adaro clarifies that Freakz at Night "it is one project of E-Force along with others and that";Freazk at Night”; will not be the name of the new label. Wherefore take for invalid our hypothesis about the name of the new label of great artists Raw as Adaro, Ran-D and E-force. Name, It will remain a mystery.




marco_profile0Written by:
Marco Hammer Cabello

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Daniela Tapia del Rio

Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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