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Project: Defqon Qar

Defqon.1 It is a festival produced by the Dutch company Q-Dance and is considered the most important festival Hard Dance Music. So important, that for many it has become something of a childhood dream of enjoying this wonderful experience full of colors, decorations, People around the world and an incredible atmosphere in the midst of nature. Now with this brief description you can imagine the dream is for us too.

As we know the festival's main venue Netherlands and currently has settled in Australia as the only venue outside the country where the festival is held. There are rumors that Defqon.1 come to America, specifically USA and for our part we hope that also extends to our country.


So, as people around the world dream of being there or fulfill some goal, do something different at the festival. For example, some have married against the mainstage of Defqon.1, others have called marriage and others are working on the Defqon project Qar.


Weeks ago we saw in networks is quite an attractive initiative tuned vehicle where every detail is dedicated to the festival called Defqon.1.

The project caught our attention when we saw several renowned artists autograph motor vehicle and to continue viewing images hallucinate much as its German creator Tarek Younes, which will perform questions about the project and share them with you now.


Who is behind this project?
Tarek Younes: Only me, I started this project by myself. The photographer is perhaps the only one who is with me";Samy"; de Public Visions. He made shots Defqon.1.

Tarek tells us that the idea was born after going first to Defqon.1 in 2013 where he was impressed the festive. Formerly a vehicle in which I never wanted to invest bought because the car of your dreams was another, but the problem is that when you have an idea always want to perform.

:;A boring day at work I had a picture of my car and a pencil and began to draw some. I liked the result. So I called a specialist body to check out soon. After work I went where the specialist and sat together to think about how to make my plan. The outside was ready the next day";.

Subsequent to this, began to create the fanpage and to invest a lot of money. Through a friend who is a dj, Tarek managed to talk to Coone, Wildstylez and some who wanted to sign the auto.


The first was with great photography Noisecontrollers Hamburg. After that Tarek says he had many contacts and many Dj';s knew the car, so only had to ask if they wanted a picture with the.

We asked why they called Defqon Qar and tells us that initially had no name. He asked his friends by one and finally decided Defqon Car.

:;My head of Q-dance (I am an Ambassador of Q-dance in Germany) he asked, Why not Qar? and then, Defqon Qar was created";.


We saw that many have already signed and have been photographed with the car. What is the mission of the project?
Tarek Younes: My big dream is to take a picture with my Qar in the mainstage of Defqon.1 and I have to create something special for achieving the objective. Something nobody can copy.

I searched join Defqon.1 again and again and it worked. Two weeks ago I received an email from Q-Dance, where it says that I have allowed to take a photo shoot in front of the mainstage.


Why autograph engine?

Tarek Younes: At first I had a flag of Defqon but I decided to paint the engine parts. It was the perfect place. The water will not remove signatures, I do not mess and I can remove the pieces if I want. And because it's a hidden place special.


In image, we can see that even Gangsters photographed with Defqon Qar and signed as solo artists.


What do when space runs out?
Tarek Younes: Right now there is no space. I'm looking for ways to get more space. Korsakoff and I had to watch a few minutes to find a great place for signature.

Finally, Tarek says that it is waiting for the big day to photograph the car in Defqon.1 and has no idea who will get after that goal and adds"; It is a tuned car, never an auto tuning is completed, There are always new things and I have lots of ideas in my mind";.

We hope to see Defqon Qar in the mainstage this year but especially, Tarek leaves us a great lesson and told us about the conversation we had with him. Let the rest speak ill and focus on your own goals and work to meet them as.

In this final image, Defqon Qar signatures corresponding to Wildstylez, Coone, Omegatypez, Adrenalize, Gunz for Hire, Ran-D, Adaro, Chain Reaction, Korsakoff, Anime, Frequencerz, Frontliner, Da Tweekaz, Radical Redemption, Deetox, Warface, B-Front, A * S * Y * S, Outbreak and Jack of Sound and many more.

If you want to follow the path of Defqon Qar, Follow him on Facebook Right Here


marco_profile0Written by:
Marco Hammer Cabello

dani_profile0Edited by:
Daniela Tapia del Rio

Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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