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Angerfist in Chile

The day Saturday 31 January We were invited to the event which presented Angerfist, in DJ hard dance more popular around the world and that it currently occupies the post #37 dj mag in top100.

This event was a lot of artists from different musical genres such as Subground, Freestyle, Hard Trance, And indeed Hardcore Hardstyle.

We had the opportunity to talk a lot with him and made us recognized after two years without seeing. We talked about his tour, your trip to our country and the unexpected stop your flight Argentina which issued an opinion in his twitter account without understanding why.


On Saturday at noon, Angerfist announced their arrival our lands through his Twitter account , whereupon, the people waiting and preparing for an unforgettable night.

Starting a great night

We arrived at the event near the 00:30 at which time am were in the stage Alexx In, Bangg, Tediz and Bruno giving us the wonderful sounds of hardstyle through early, Raw euphoric and then which gave the perfect pass to the main show.


If memory serves us, near 02:30 takes the stage Angerfist am, who gave us a show in which we enjoyed of tracks from her latest album and that it corresponds to the same name of tour";The Deadfaced Dimension:;.


The set of Angerfist

Among the track stands Outta of Control at Angerfist with Evil Activities and E-Life, Temple of Disease (Tha Playah Remix), Messenger of god with the track Radical Redemption, Get MF Raw with Mc Jeff, Bad attitude, Don';t fuck with me, Street Fighter, Knock Knock, Burn this Mf Down, Just like Me with the track Mc Jeff and Tha Playah and many, many more.

As you can see, a lot of tracks that blended the Master of Hardcore rest without being throughout their show, technique with a single quick mixes, variables in beats and low to bpm.

Within their set, also included the anthem of Dominator 2014 made by Miss K8 with the voice of Mc Nolz called;Metropolis of Massacre";.

A track that could not miss

Moreover, within the last but never least, the track that Angerfist and Miss K8 produced together after their first time in Chile 2012, a track that first heard live on Sunday morning. "The track dedicated to Chile and its public called";Santiago";.

The scene of Colombia

We spoke highly of the scene of Colombia, where he showed us a picture from your phone to show with lots of audience with his fists up, which for him was quite surprising and enjoyable at the same time.


The surprise of Angerfist in Ultra

Certainly the South American scene is growing more and more, and thereby the interest of international artists for visiting these countries, above all now that also joins the Hardcore in Argentina where Angerfist will have their first show en nothing more or nothing less than Ultra Buenos Aires, together with other local and international DJs like Coone and Kutski this one 20 and 21 February.


We talked to him about it, which is quite unusual if not rare since it is a hardcore artist (of the most powerful) at a festival where abundant EDM.

Anyway it's totally positive in emancipating the hard dance scene which is what Angerfist also thinks. On the other hand He stressed that in this second time in Chile witnessed an increase of public as a result of the same raised above, gender expansion.


Kind to everyone

During the backstage, They had many people, most artists and some other guest as we were it. Danny was completely open to share with his fans without making use of his mask, in which 2012 did not occur, which was more private and at the bottom is made germek safe not to publish his real face.

It is time, We saw him much more relaxed and accordingly dedicated each of his fans by many who were.

Always appreciate that artists are dedicated to their fans because in part you who give them life and popularity are, and this is added the music they produce for the market and for you.


Finishing our very pleasant conversation and fully generalized aspects, We send you through our greetings to Miss K8 and the makes us the scope of that you're living in the Netherlands, why the last time It has been pretty busy by the large number of shows that have in that country.

No doubt great news for her professional, order to further expand your career and be closer to the circle of close friends in common with, as is Crypsis and Radical Redemption.

The greeting for Bassmusic

Yesterday Sunday, the artist had his flight back to 17hrs, taking the affection of the people and a concert again more, made in his tour.

Thank you very much for a flawless show clearly in Chile always wait with his fist up.

Special thanks to Cristian Moreira (Bangg) for the invitation to the event backstage.

Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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