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Freaqshow 2014 Top10 hardstyle and New Year

On 31 December as is usual, A new edition of Freaqshow was performed by producer Q-Dance for the year 2015 con Hard Dance Music.

In this issue, artists presented were Donnie Darko, Dr. Rude, Max Enforcer, Frontliner, Da Tweekaz, D-Block &; S-te-Fan, Psyko Punkz, Festuca, Frequencerz, Adaro, AniMe, MC Villain,, Phrantic, Dark Pact, Deetox, Synthax, Pandorum and MC Axys. As you can see, a lot of artists in the genre hardstyle, hardcore and rawstyle among others.

Who does not like a new year at that level?. Certainly it would be incredible to celebrate with hardstyle overnight and wait";the 12 "; with a show at that level. It would, truly a unique experience, but, to do so will have to wait a long time or maybe not...;better not to anticipate events.

Da Tweekaz –; Celebration of Sin (Official Freaqshow anthem 2014)
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This year, in the event freaqshow and waiting for the new year, one megamix was performed with the top10 of hardstyle as popular during the 2014. Those tracks that certainly many liked or marked public opinion as well as the positive results in terms of sales.

This became the standings:
10. Ran-D ft. E-Life – The Hunt (Intents 2014 Anthem)
9. Coone – Survival of the Fittest (Defqon.1 2014 Anthem)
8. E-Force &; Frequencerz – Men of Steel
7. Warface – FTP
6. Frontliner &; Radical Redemption -Frontliner &; Radical Redemption
5. Frontliner – TBA 2 (One More Time)
4. Outbreak – #Bassface
3. B-Front &; Frequencerz – Psycho
2. Noisecontrollers – Down Down
1. E-Force – Seven

Something deeply striking is to see that in the top10 many of these tracks are Rawstyle which corroborates that this style is becoming increasingly force between the tastes of people and and the tendency of some producers to focus on that side as is the If The Prophet and Zatox in his last productions.

Day Tuesday 06 of January, Q-Dance shared this official record of megamix with Hardstyle top10 well as place and be welcomed in the new year.

Freaqshow Hardstyle Top 10 &; new year';s celebration
["youtube id =";O-8hHzycBns"; width =";633″; height =";356″;]

Has all be vigilant because the Aftermovie of this event will come soon as announced in the same description of the video posted on youtube.



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Marco Hammer Cabello
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Daniela Tapia del Rio

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