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Interview with Gunz for Hire

A couple of days, discussed Les through our networks we would have an interview exclusively with Gunz for Hire, Raw duo best known by fans worldwide. So, had an exclusive interview with them where in addition, questions that fans send conducted on our facebook wall so you were answered by gangsters.

For those who are new and are just learning this great duo, We talked about them that is composed of Ran-D; who visited our country in Q-dance stage Mysteryland 2013 and in addition, Adaro; whom we saw and met in October 2014 en The Sound Of Q-Dance.

Without nothing more to say, we leave you with the interview.

Hello Gangster, thank you for allowing this interview and let us out of it alive. We feel fortunate to be away from you at this time and not be beaten as a reporter in one of his videos lol.

On starting

  • In this interview we want to know the early gangsters. How were born and what was your inspiration for the name?
  • By the way, Enigma has always been an inspiration masks and clothing Gunz for Hire. How did the idea?

G4H: About 2011 we started with the idea of ​​creating a live act hardstyle. It was a step by step process that involved a lot of meetings to brainstorm starting with the kind of name that we were looking, they were looking image, and develop it step by step. We did not want an act (show) with our own faces because I had to be something separate from our solo careers as Ran-D and Adaro. At that point we asked ourselves if we wanted to do was masked or not. We rely on what we liked, they were Mafia hitman and futuristic kind of movies, and Gunz For Hire is synonymous hired murderer and that's how it developed.

  • What was the first concert / show gangsters? and What has been the best show so far?

G4H: Our first gig was at Decibel Outdoor Festival 2011 Loudness in a tight area. Since we started making noise we had a lot of great concerts, some highlights are Qlimax, Hard Bass, Defqon.1 Festival and recently our tour in Germany. But parallel to these mega-events we liked destroy our club sound!

  • About concerts, you created the Qlimax Anthem 2013. How was that experience?

G4H: Qlimax is like the Holy Grail of hardstyle events, so it is a great honor to have been asked us Anthem! It was a great experience and now after a little more than one year all keep screaming";Immortal"; when we played the song.


  • You are currently on tour #GangsterParadise. How has the reception of people in relation to return to the stage G4H?

G4H: This tour is only for foreign countries, not touch our homeland, The Netherland, for the moment. Public reaction has been great, we were forced to move away for a while but in Scotland did our return and thereafter had some great concerts in Korea, Canada and Germany.

  • Long ago did a survey which said that voting for your country to see if they could do the tour Gangster Paradise. Chile was the country most voted outpacing Netherlands, Germany, Australia among others. Are you planning an event in our country? Did you know that Chile is prepared to believe Gunz for Hire?

G4H: Both events have been in Chile as dj solo, so we know exactly how massive the scene over there. Both are agreed that Chile has one of the strongest government in the world! We're certain, Chile is prepared to Gunz for Hire! We would love to return!

Shows / career

  • We saw that will be part of a new stamp, Congratulations about that! What can you tell us about this great news? Is it an independent label?

G4H: Thank you! It will be an independent label Ran-D, Adaro and 2 other recognizable names in the scene. We can not deliver much information yet, but will be launched in a big way at some point in the coming months.

  • "There are a lot of tracks that have not yet been released as";"A Storm is coming";, the bootleg Muse";Uprising"; and";Military";. Will they be available sometime?

G4H: Some will be released, some will not be released and others will be released for free. For example";"A Storm is Coming"; will be released on the new label.

  • A close to the last track we heard";"May God be with you all";, no doubt G4H is more alive than ever. What are your plans and goals for this year? Will there be any album gangsters?

G4H: An album is not in our plans, but we have big plans for this year! Dutch start a new tour this Fall. It will be our big return to our homeland. There will be some new features to our liveact and already started working on new material. You can expect a lot of new music from us!

  • Beyond the word Raw, How would you define the sound of Gunz for Hire? What makes them unique?

G4H: Although we also have some more tracks";deep";, the main goal for us is to create chaos in the dance floor when we touch. So it's important to have a high factor tracks Holidays in them. We are Raw, but we also try to keep it fresh!

  • Behind the aggression on stage, What do you love to do in their shows? What differentiates them from other?

It is not appropriate to say these things for ourselves, but what we hear from others is that we create a unique atmosphere on stage. The combination of what is (masks, costumes and energy) and what you hear (our definition of hardstyle Raw), makes us unique.


About the scene and Chile

  • Every day we see more and more fans around the world coming to Rawstyle. Why do you think this happens?

G4H: In the Netherlands this has been going on for a couple of years. Holland is the homeland of Hardstyle and other countries watch and listen happens there, so now in other countries can as Rawstyle is spreading. Is probably the rough feel that attracts people, I think it has the best party atmosphere.

  • Suppose, there is an event in Chile and you have to create the Anthem of the event. What would you name the Anthem? Any thoughts?

G4H: That's a tough question, will depend on the name and type of event.

  • Feel free at this time to send a message to your fans in Chile.

G4H: They have one of the most dedicated public hardstyle, You guys, are crazy on the dance floor! We can not hope for a mission in your country! We have great support from you, We thank you greatly for it! We hope that in the near future we can have a great party together, The Gunz are ready!!!


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Many thanks for this interview gangsters. Best wishes and success for the race Gunz for Hire. We look for a new attack of gangsters and hope to see you someday in our country.

Special thanks to his manager: Rudy Peters

Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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