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X-Qlusive Legends-; Review &; Livesets

Last night many hard dance fans around the world were treated to Q-Dance Radio in the live of a legendary event, X-Qlusive Legends.

X-qlusive, is characterized as an exclusive event of a particular artist is generally selected according to their race as their contribution during the year. On January, was carried out X-Qlusive Brennan Heart because a large 2013 "the artist and his work in";Evolutions of Style"; (see review here).

Yesterday for the first time, Q-dance surprised many with a new version of this event called X-Qlusive Legends such as the name, The line up is for the greatest artists of hardstyle with many years of experience and have undoubtedly been the pillars to be what the hardstyle today is.


As long ago had published, Brennan Heart at this time would not even have been selected because they had some health problems.



However, last night many were surprised with the presentation";Exclusive"; Showtek again involved with the sounds of hardstyle. One of the most influential duos in the scene by having a particular style of production, very visionary and today triumph in the EDM scene. "It is for this reason that was a big surprise for all participants and listeners see them live playing a classic like";FTS";.Also, some media as this would indicate that HardNews.nl, the official farewell of them within the hardstyle scene as a beautiful gesture of gratitude to his fans.



"On the other hand Dj Dana as one of the most loved by the public and called the";mother and Queen"; hardstyle was presented at this event surrendering all sound Early hardstyle after having been out of the scene many years of serious health problems.


Zany &; Pavo

So too, see or enjoy Zany set with Turkey, was a great pleasure to our ears with sounds that bring us great memories as was the hardstyle music makes a 10 years ago.



Also, another major highlight of the event was the presentation of Headhunterz which did enjoy their successes from the early to their new productions. A moment to remember and in which we know that after listening to him last night many say you";Heady, Returns";.


D-block &; S-te-fan

The duo will visit our country soon in Chile Ultra festival was also part of the legends of hardstyle and is a great pleasure to see you at Q-dance events today as they were far apart Festivals this production for reasons unknown, but good, is that because the doors were opened again for them so they can see you and enjoy your music more often.



An artist will have a few days in The Sound of Q-Dance was also present at this great event of the legends of hardstyle and we refer to Technoboy with impeccable set many classic and even he did for Qlimax anthem in 2008.

Also in the second half of his presentation and as mentioned Mc Villain, welcome was given to another legend, Tuneboy, thereby forming the duo TNT and from that moment, the best tracks of the Italian duo set on X-Qlusive Legends.



One who was opening the X-Qlusive legend was dj moon which you could meet and enjoy your music Mysteryland 2012 and also as a legend, we did enjoy a prendidísimo set very early hardstyle.



A big as Wildstylez could not miss this great event which also caught with Ealry hardstyle and some of its new productions showcasing the best of their musical productions throughout history.



Some feelings Bas Oskam must have felt when touching many old tracks Noisecontrollers when formed as a favorite duos a couple of years ago nothing. Today Noisecontrollers solo believe that shines more and has taken a completely different path in terms of musical production than before. In his set, We could also see an idea that many expressed and demonstrated throughout his career was music on a single set, :;the old and new";.



:;"The Melody man"; He was also part of the Legend X-Qlusive focusing purely on their new productions of what we recently heard a full album called";The summer of Frontliner”;. A long time ago, Barry mentioned that he would pursue in their presentations to make them clearly live (live ) as I wanted to experience different ways of doing a show not limited to technical equipment commonly occupied by each artist presentations. Want to be different and enjoy doing different things.


Addition and confirmed by HardNews.nl, Q-dance announced that the next X-Qlusive event will Frontliner and return to what we announced at the beginning of this review, X-Qlusive events correspond to prominent artists for a year or who have taken the hardstyle to another level. Definitely, more than deserved.


Finally, we can not forget the voices that give life and encourage the public at every moment possible. The presence of Mc Villain and Mc DV8 again together on a Q-dance event and certainly in a couple of days we will have here in Chile also Villain.


Needless to comment this great event, we leave you with the trailer, some records by attendees and of course, the live set for you to relive each presentation or you hear it if you missed it.

Trailer X-Qlusive Legends
["youtube id =";LSqxhAPdU_M”; width =";633″; height =";356″;]

Intro Showtek

["youtube id =";Se0I5uIFSg8″; width =";633″; height =";356″;]
creditor: Gerarld Wershure


Liveset Black Box (Mainstage)

[soundcloud url =";https://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/53847067″; params =";color=ff5500&;auto_play = false &;hide_related=false&;show_comments=true&;show_user=true&;show_reposts=false”; width =";100%”; height =";350″; iframe =";true"; /]

Written by: Hair Marco
Edited by: Daniela Tapia


Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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