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The Harder Styles Top 1000

After a marathon drive led by Kutski and Audiofreq, "few moments ago you were finished the three continuous days of";The Harder Styles Top 1000 ";.

Really a totally uncut extensive transmission where through Q-Dance Radio, they touched the 1000 Harder Styles songs according to public vote.

The";The Harder Styles Top 1000 "; certainly have had a great turnout of fans around the world in these 3 days (without stopping) listening to the top 1000 tracks from different genres and artists.
Voting, began about a month before where users could choose their 10 favorite tracks of all time by the Dutch production platform developed.

Today, few moments and makes the reproduction was completed 1000 tracks and can check on the website of Q-Dance or through this direct link: TOP 1000

Also, "you leave the link to review the";The Harder Stylez Top 1000 "; of 2013 right here: Top 1000 2013

Definitely, most interests us simplify the list and know the 10 first places, the 10 best hits as public vote and nobody can deny. That is why we have summarized here and share them to you.

Note that in the top 10 Many tracks are repeated, thus it is a great reflection of that will always be in our memories, in a corner, in the trunk of memories or the trunk of the most prized treasures by fans of Hard Dance. This is the case of 3 first places that are repeated from the previous year as well as others within the 10.

Without nothing more to say, let them, the top 10 of the 1000 tracks this year and 2013.

The Harder Styles Top 1000 –; 2014

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The Harder Styles Top 1000 –; 2013



Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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