Review-; TSOQD III-; Bassmusic® Bassmusic®

Review-; TSOQD III

On Saturday 25 October was the third version of The Sound of Q-Dance Chile where again we enjoyed Hard Dance Music that left all totally exhausted participants and especially to those who stayed until the end.

An incredible show had once again in our country which should feel fully proud and grateful that we have this level of production and the rest, a great line up which we also do an article (see here). Without a doubt Chile, became the capital of the hard and such as we commented, "this is just beginning", so we just have to be patient and wait to see that we surprised the Dutch production next year in this much talked outdoor event.


The welcome from fans

The atmosphere began to heat up on Friday afternoon, and at which half the artists were at the W Hotel, which have been in all previous occasions therefore fans know him very well and know where they can meet their favorite artists (Access to parking).

In social networks, especially Facebook, We could see the fans that published the pictures of them with their favorite artists, Autographs, the atmosphere that lived there and the friends with whom walked enjoying. Thus also enjoyed the artists themselves as always for the great reception they had, the affection of the public, the dedication to painting flags, t-shirts and even in a case, do portraits. "Very certain and very typical of our land is that song";If you go to Chile"; Chito lighthouse that says";…;and you'll see how they want in Chile to friend when it is a foreigner";. Thus concluding Friday for many who were preparing to rest and save energy for the next day.

Scenery and lighting.


It was one of the first questions that the Chilean public was carried out with the passing of the hours";How will the setting for this version be?. To do this, it added the publication by Q-dance on your fanpage with the image of the previous two stages and a question mark for this third version. Even, in the group";Qampistas Q-Dance "; administrators chose to filter all publications for users to prevent someone onto an image and reveal the stage, killing the illusion that be a surprise. We appreciate this gesture also kept waiting as all fans.


And finally being 21hrs, the doors opened and everyone ran euphorically to access as soon as possible and enjoy the show started by Acti. It was at that moment that could account for the stage surprise that this time was to 3 levels which would project led displays visual made especially for the event and dazzled everyone.


Many saw the face of clowns, a jellyfish and characteristic face of Qlimax among other visuals that were projected with Egyptian themes, industrial and other circus slaughter like the style of Freaqshow.


All this accompanied by many robotic lights, lasers of different colors and even fires a few opportunities artifice. However the combination that most attention was on the show Adaro and Art of Fighters where fire and red visual transported us to a sadistic hell, showing the most aggressive hard to Raw and Hardcore (Goose bumbs).


Acti-; Gearing up with subground


As we advance, Acti started a wonderful night with subground and as founder of the genre without a doubt is the best and even more touching two large tracks which the public knows very well I like";Waykee"; and";"Fuel for Life";.

The Italian, in its third presentation in Chile we commented on backstage is impressive as the scene has grown since his first visit in December 2011 and for him, is an honor to visit our country again.

On stage and after your show Danidemente took the microphone and dismissed grateful Acti which under the stage between euphoria and applause public.

Danidemente-; From past to present with Early


One of our producers and dj Bass with more experience in Chile finally manages to realize one of his dreams was to perform at an event in the Dutch production and leave the upper hand representing Chile accordingly, in our opinion certainly did and caught ...

However, we believe there are three totally unforgettable moments. The first was that started his show with the intro of the national anthem and the flag of Chile on his back as representative of our country. The second great moment, believe that was to play the track for the second consecutive year achieved the position #1 on Top 1000 Hard Styles and corresponds to a classic, Showtek- FTS (Fuck the system). And last but not least, su último track “This is not” de Brennan Heart.

A wonderful moment where public support in every song that touched our compatriot and see them jump that way from the stage felt was really impressive.

["youtube id =";IMfBjsUgp0E"; width =";633″; height =";356″;]
Registration by: Rodrigo Alejandro

Opening (MC Villain,)

After the show Danidemente, the official intro of The Sound of Q-dance started and then the appearance of Mc Villain presenting Toneshifterz.
["youtube id =";XJavf5ldRLU"; width =";633″; height =";356″;]

Toneshifterz-; Hardstyle from Australia


From Australia we visited Elie, who is currently part of WE R records, seal created by Brennan Heart and who played very good tracks like Last Night and Parachutes, both songs with the voice of Chris Madin and his latest hit";"What we live for";. Toneshifterz, was commissioned to make official start all other artists who would rise to the stage to make us dance.

We spoke with the artist and asked him what was your impression after finishing his show and had no words, I was very impressed the public, I had never seen so much energy on people and even even in Australia. Words that are corroborated its publication in facebook which had to be shocked with his experiences and grateful for the affection of the people.

["youtube id =";ShorQzWU_6A"; width =";633″; height =";356″;]
Registration by: Rodrigo Alejandro

Stephanie-; Beauty Italian


First thing to note and as mentioned Mc Villain, is the first woman to play hardstyle on a Q-dance event in Chile and that so special to. Besides his music has a very particular style and energy as an artist is also totally unique. It is one of those thing you notice as you enjoy every minute onstage and engages his audience with the charisma that has.

For many, "one of the best set of the night her where not only was given the luxury of playing songs produced by her as";Sicknite"; o";"Sweet disposition"; If not that also played";Timeless"; of Wildstylez, :;Action"; of Zatox &; Mc Villain, :;"Kalavela shot me down"; Dr. "Rude and also";FTS"; by Showtek.

["youtube id =";EI14lZi2k7s"; width =";633″; height =";356″;]
Registration by: Rodrigo Alejandro

Bass Modulators –; A brilliant duo


The only duet of the night and one of the most excited to play in Chile were they, Rick &; Roland, Dutch who devoted much of his free time taking photographs, sign autographs and greet the public in The Sound of Q-dance.

Actually in his presentation we realized they enjoyed every moment and concho public reaction, "especially in his songs as";Let mee see already";, :;NRGizer (2002 edit) and";"One moment"; in his remix to this beautiful track of a legend as The Prophet

Stepping off the stage, we are in the hallway backstage with Roland who came with both hands covering her mouth, so we asked What happened? and we mentioned stunned";I can not believe, This audience is really the best";.

["youtube id =";GJtOGjghKeM"; width =";633″; height =";356″;]
Registration by: Rodrigo Alejandro

Coone –; De Dirty workz a Dim Mak records

It is no coincidence that we put this name to refer to Coone, because his presentation really was since its passage by the label Dirty Workz until the current Dim Mak records. "That was how it started with";Travelling"; a classic that we hear for the first time live at Mysteryland 2011, :;times gettin' hard";, :;Survival of the Fittest";, among many others . "This time we also enjoyed his last successes such as";"Aladdin on E"; and it gave us the privilege to listen live";Swoosh Fever"; Hard driver &; Coone alongside the voice of E-Life.

["youtube id =";9S_Gt-;fY34″; width =";633″; height =";356″;]
Registration by: Rodrigo Alejandro

Technoboy –; A legend

It was certainly one of the most anticipated by fans who have spent years listening to the hardstyle, one of the forerunners of the genre in Italy and with more experience. The Italian was presented at about 2am on Espacio Riesco and showed us that is one of the best.

"A lot of hits that played Christian in The Sound of Q-Dance as";Steam Train";, :;Catfight";, :;Digital Nation";, :;Musick";, :;XY"; Tuneboy his colleague and one of those classic that excited us was the Qlimax anthem of the year 2009 called;"Next dimensional world";.

Nevertheless, there was a lot of criticism by many fans (a few), some wanted to hear";TI Sento"; and others wanted to be closer to the artist who was rarely photographed and the public autograph. However, focusing on the show, for many one of the best.

["youtube id =";UeoP2OZIu0Q"; width =";633″; height =";356″;]
Registration by: Rodrigo Alejandro

Adaro –; RAW in capital letters


We believe that Adaro was the most anticipated night for many. The affection of the public towards him as a solo artist and also as a member of the duo, Gunz for Hire make it doubly special as artist and no doubt many can say that you as a person also since realized the taste and time share with fans in the hotel and in the event itself to appreciating the kindness of the people of Chile.

"It is like at about 3 am about climbing onto the stage wearing a t-shirt of the Chilean team and begins his set with the Jack of Sound remix to";Revolution"; of Frequencerz which began without anesthesia to them we expected really Raw and powerful.


"Between Raw hits we hear many of them were his duo Gunz for Hire for example";Sorrow";, :;Bolivia"; and";"Storm is coming";. "In addition to other great tracks as his remix of";Answer";, :;Open the Gates";, :;Magik";,”;Bassface";, :;The Haunter of the Dark"; and his latest track";"My soul to takes";.

"Also asked his impression after lowering of the stage and I was impressed by the energy and we express to the public";kickass";.

["youtube id =";pv9NMkJC1C8″; width =";633″; height =";356″;]
Registration by: Rodrigo Alejandro

Art of Fighters-; Destruction


When the show ended Adaro, most he went for a quick or an energy drink break as was the last for the genre most powerful artist of the night, Hardcore and Hardcore better than Italy.
While this opportunity came just Cristian Nardelli, the show fulfilled what most wanted to hear this masked artist.


Accompanied by much fire during his show, It became Espacio Riesco a hell to many bpms and playing great hits like";Hardcore Italy";, :;Badass"; and";Nirvana of noise";, the anthem for Dominator 2011 where all were surprised to hear that cry energetic saying";Dominaaatooooooor!!!”;, "simply wonderful followed of";Ragga Bomb"; Skrillex in his bootleg. And better still was listening to go ending the show";"Oh my sun";.

["youtube id =";fNIrnVZFtT8″; width =";633″; height =";356″;]
Registration by: Rodrigo Alejandro

Final Analysis

"Nobody can question that it was an amazing night with many artists on stage and tastes for all but thus we also believe that the set was";they were flying"; when many artists. The visuals designed for each presentation were amazing. Certainly generated a dynamic atmosphere in this direction relative to previous designs which was accompanied lighting structure. Moreover most djs very dedicated to the public and which is always appreciated and will welcome fans. According to the public, the votes for the best presentations led Adaro, Art fo Fighters and Technoboy followed by Stephanie (almost is led by Italian).

What happened to the announcement as predicted Defqon.1?

After the event officially, All public clamored chanting the name of the festival, hoping that at some point the great MC who accompanied us throughout the night to say: :;Chile, see you next year at Defqon.1 "; or something similar. Unfortunately it did not happen and everyone left with a somewhat daunting after the event with something that most expected to be officially announced as rumored feeling.

Here's how the day on social networks commented this myself and that bitter feeling after the event. However, there are still instances to know officially that Outdoor event come to our country in the year 2015. One of those instances, the Aftermovie or after the festival Mysteryland.

If one thing is certain, is that the public has grown hard enough to have a great festival, therefore, do not despair and let things happen in due course, because when we least expect it, give us a surprise.




Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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