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Headhunterz y D-block &; S-te-fan en Ultra review

We were present yesterday at the Ultra Chile to follow more closely and witness the two great shows mainly hardstyle artists and parallel to other greats of trance. We are talking about Headhunterz and the duo D-block &; S-te-fan who appeared in the O'Higgins Park.

It was 18:00 hrs when he started the intro for the show Headhunterz Ultra in mainstage. The crowd slowly began to approach and they knew a great artist came hardstyle. The first track was one that many know called "Dragonborn", so they understand that all fans hallucinated. "Then we could enjoy of";"Make it Louder"; by the power of reverse bass infecting everyone here jumping nonstop.


However with the passage of minutes, this was gaining strength towards the EDM with new productions of the artist and some interventions hardstyle as the voice of "Reignite" mixed with other topics.

Minutes later we heard this great song, :;Skinner"; Italian duo TNT (Technoboy &; Tuneboy), at which Headhunterz jumped from the height of the table ahead of the stage (a considerable height truth).

We might note that it was a show 50/50 in the musical sense where the taste of playing hardstyle popular subjects to criticism from fans as well as new issues EDM was given.

By the way, could not be absent "Colors" already considered a classic Headhunterz in their set and near the end of his presentation, :;Lesson in love/Scrap Attack”. The latter, the anthem of Defqon.1 2009 playing on the mainstage of Ultra.

Revive presenting Headhunterz Ultra

D-Block &; S-te-fan

At 21:00o'clock hrs, began the intro to the most anticipated duet in this festival by fans of hardstyle, D-block &; S-te-fan, who were closing the Ultra Wide World Arena in O'Higgins Park.

An intro that gave way to announce the name of the duo and illuminate the Arena Santiago with all arms raised public and surprised many who began playing the EDM tracks pretty close but no less euphoric. A different line of music we usually see in Holland by them, therefore initially surprised, but all danced and enjoyed it as well (it was D-block &; S-te-fan That onstage matter!).

After a few 25 minute show, the kick began to rule in a batch and the next until the hardstyle we expected delighting them with songs like "Young ones (Dbstf remix)", “Build this city”, :;Here Tonight"; at Dash Berlin (on the remix of them), “Takin’ off”, “Last night ever (Isaac remix)", "a classic like";Sound of the Thunder (Hard with Style edit)”; and almost at the end of the presentation we did jump further with "Screwdriver" duo TNT with Audiofreq.

Certainly worth mentioning that both artists in his sets played song Dr. Rude :;"Kalavela shot me down"; that still did not leave any, thereby reaffirms that were less to more and felt totally grateful for their show.

While many wondered why they started that way, I commented that we had the opportunity to talk to them and ask them about this change somewhat different from what we usually see and hear.


D-block (Diederik) He told us that it was the first time in Chile and that most would hear EDM, initiate at that level to see the public reaction. Later, adapt their set to hardstyle to turn the track. Therefore (us comments) "it was part of the strategy to please everyone and make a set of";less over"; which is absolutely indisputable.

It was for this reason that we saw them at the side of the main stage while Headhunterz I was playing, to know the public reaction to both styles and in turn adapted part of the set in the musical guidance (as we made clear in the conversation).


Like many artists of Hard dance that have been, D-block also told us that he was surprised with the energy of the people and that does not happen in Holland, "by which now confirms what colleagues have him after arising in our country and thus also Headhunterz stressed it in his presentation as";the best audience in the world";. National pride.

A duet rather humble, friendly and dedicated to their fans that took time to take pictures at the end of the show, sign autographs, etc. We hope you can return soon to Chile as fascinated with the public and who knows in the near future, Hand Q-dance.

Relive the presentation of D-Block &; S-te-fan in Ultra Chile


Written by: Marco";Hammer"; Cabello
Edited by: Daniela Tapia

Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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