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Bassleader-; 2014

Next 01 th of November, be held in Antwerp Belgium a new edition of the great festival indoor Bassleader in charge of production Bass Events.

This event, it features 5 teams which have very interesting names that are: Neon Force, Oxygen Outlaus, Nitrogen Rebels, Krypton Elite y Radium Militia. Every team, has at least 3 stage performers and including 4 mc in total. The full line up, you can check into a PDF that Bass events posted (see here).

The anthem of this version, was conducted by the Norwegian duo Da Tweekaz called;Unlock the power”;. Also, Hard Driver has made it a remix to this anthem which is quite powerful and included at the end of this news.


Regrettably, we will not have live, this after consulting Bass Events via email where we noted that this time there will be no transmission. Definitely a shame for those who follow the events and especially knowing that it is almost a characteristic of producing the broadcast their events as it did in this year in Reverze. However, to want to want to follow the latest live event, Bassleaders has the web section Live where all images, videos and comments with the hashtag #Bassleader will be posted on the web (see here)

Trailer Bassleader
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Line up trailer Bassleader
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Anthem Bassleader
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Anthem Bassleader Remix by Hard Driver
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Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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