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Minus Militia –; Supremacy anthem preview

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]in doubt, the soldiers that have recently shaken the rawstyle continue to talk about after his first presentation at the beginning of this year in Hard Bass. Yesterday, the integrated trio by Crypsis, Chain Reaction and Radical Redemption they announced to have their debut album ready after sharing a photo of a cd with material.

We have already been able to hear some of the track that this album will have on past events and some event logs captured by assistants in the old continent.

Today, share us a preview of what is the anthem of Supremacy, event that brings together the most powerful sounds of hard dance and which by the way is the place where Minus Militia It will make release of their album officially.


We must be attentive to the records of users on youtube by this event to witness the brutality of 3 great artists.


Interview of Supremacy

In this interview, the trio Minus Militia makes announcement of what they can expect in Supremacy, In addition to working on his first album and also speak of how the trio was born, the reaction of people after their first show in Hard Bass. For the rest, I have a tour of Australia in December.

Radical Redemption makes mention that Supremacy, is the evolution in events. As well as doing the hardstyle and works well on Hard Bass and Qlimax that are totally different, Supremacy on the other hand would be the combination of them, the evolution.

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Album announced

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The anthem preview

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