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Line up The Sound of Q-dance

[dropcap]And[/dropcap]at longer a mystery and we can be completely thrilled with the official line up for this third version of The Sound of Q-dance and a Chilean will for the first time in this big stage.

No doubt that the wait was long since from the sale of tickets all hardstyle fans were elated to acquire precious pass to the third version of The Sound of Q-dance.

Also, another factor that disturbed us even more was the publication of the line up for The Sound of Q-dance LA in the United States to be held next November and which in turn was released with a small trailer. All that, has already been forgotten and we can say that we have a great show the 25 October at Espacio Riesco.


A great pride and happiness Bass feels our team to know that is a Chilean and one of our producers for the first time on stage in The Sound of Q-dance, kicking off a night certainly for many will be unforgettable.

Este line up, comes fully recharged the Italian hardstyle and hardcore therefore be simply brutal. We leave the publication on the official facebook fanpage Q-dance with this great news published minutes ago.

Line up





The big surprise for many, Technoboy, Italian, will tread national soil for the first time and we will dance from beginning to end with characteristic hardstyle. By the way, Technoboy is part of TNT composed duo called him and Tuneboy whereupon, we will certainly have more than one song of theirs.

One of the hardstyle DJs with more experience and has been a revolutionary genre with unique sounds in their productions individually and also with teammate Tuneboy. Do not forget also has worked with many great hardstyle DJs like Headhunterz, Isaac, Stephanie and recently Audiotricz.




A large also visit us for the first time, Adaro, which on more than one occasion we have an article about your hearing problem that had it for months offstage worldwide and otherwise crippled the duo Gunz for Hire composed with Ran-D.

About a month ago and had his first show, getting all the love and support of the public to recover and be back contagiándonos with Rawstyle.

We are delighted to have the privilege of seeing his show after his return, not doubt that we will bring his brutal raw hardstyle style as only he can do Adaro.




Another artist who treads national soil for the first time, Bass Modulators duo will present this 25 October delighting with their characteristic melodic touch. "Successes like";"Let me see now";, :;I want your love"; "and even more rude hardstyle as";"Bring back the funk"; in collaboration with another duo, Frequencerz.




Known to the national scene as one of the djs with more experience at the hard dance where he made many years ago";Hard Nation"; and then a prominent dj hardcore. Today it is recognized as hardstyle dj and one of our producers becomes the first national dj being in The Sound of Q-dance event. Data that otherwise is quite relevant considering that this event go really love hardstyle.

That day, certainly we will feel very comfortable and happy to support our friend and teammate presentation as well as that of other artists. On the other hand, will be present at our next event 06 called September";Kick &; Bass"; at Caupolican Theatre. ¡Great Demented!




A big surprise to learn that first comes a hardstyle dj Chile and especially in the case of it, the beautiful and friendly Stephanie. From Italy , a great artist with vocal sounds and grooves anyone turns on the track. No doubt his show will be unique and we look forward to see you on stage in The Sound of Q-dance.

The artist is commonly associated with Technoboy and Tuneboy, djs with which has made productions and collaborations. Also, a great close to her is Dj Anime, another Italian dj but hardcore music genre.

Their hits include";groovin' to the beat";, :;P.O.W.";, :;"The hardstyle nation"; and many more.




Again we can see Dj coone in a scenario of Q-dance. The first time we saw him was at Mysteryland 2011 and then in a version of The Sound of Q-dance. This great artist from Belgium signed long ago to label Dim Mak Records, "the seal of Steve Aoki and months ago also released his album";Global Dedication"; in conjunction with world tour.

"We hope it again delight us with classics of it as";Travelling";, :;Universal Language";, among many successes.




Formerly Toneshifterz was satisfied by a duo. However for reasons that one of them wanted to go a different way now represents only Elie Toneshifterz, who consider the brains of the group.

Today, "it is already a fact and Toneshifterz will come to The sound of Q-dance in this new facet as only artist and with a lot of wonderful tracks as their latest music video";Parachutes";, :;"Last night"; and";I want to party";.

It will be an amazing show.




This line up will be recharged to hard Italian dance apparently, since Acti is another from that country. For those unaware, Acti and Activator is the same person, but the difference is that Acti is the alias used to subground and Activator for your profile Hardstyle.

We have already seen twice before in Mysteryland 2011 as Activator and the first edition of The Sound of Q-dance as Acti. What do you prefer? does not matter, both profiles have very different fee but both styles are welcome.



Art of Fighter

The Italian duo will visit us for the first time is a big surprise. We never expected them to come but it is a fact and be present to delight us with Hardcore Italian.

"Just imagining it will be totally epic and fans of insurance will want to listen to their tracks to the end as";Fuck you!”;, :;Earthquake"; and even the remix of Skrillex";"Ragga boum";.

A dance until our bones are broken!




We can say that there are two Chileans line up of The Sound of Q-dance, most definitely, :;Villain's House";. A great friend of ours, great person and certainly one of the best MC, which has been in all Q-dance events where present.

Villain if we lost count of the times he has come to Chile, but still little feel for someone as nice as he. Villain is the cumbia! Villain is the raja! ¡Chi chi chi on the! How not going to be Chilean?.



After learning the Line up, sincerely, is quite powerful because it will be much hardstyle Italian, an Italian artist hardcore and total 9 dj scene (never before seen in an edition of The Sound of Q-dance).

One of the best line up and also one of the best show that we enjoy because of the presence of our colleague Danidemente.

It only remains to count the days and enjoy a new, Third version of The Sound of Q-dance.

The big news is announced

At the end of the trailer, we witness images of Defqon1 Holland and because an Outdoor event is announced next year in our country, fully believe that Defqon.1 arrive in Chile!!! 😀



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Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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