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Dominator –; Metropolis of Massacre

[dropcap]The[/dropcap]l recent weekend was held one of the most important hardcore outdoor events around the world, We refer to Dominator.

This festival is organized and produced by Q-Dance and Art of Dance, event where working together to prepare a great show.

About 44.000 thousand people enjoyed this great festival called Dominator low ones 34 degrees by which the Organization was forced to not sell water and deliver free way to attendees that they hydrate and not have any complicated case of health. However, had to mourn the death of a young man of 24 years to alleged hard drugs overdose.


Official Trailer

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Dominator is an event that brings together the Hardcore and many of its derivatives as Frenchcore, Terrorcore, Hardcore techno and even Hardstyle Raw, It is less powerful that you can hear in this festival.

What we want are those who far from these events, It is that the producers usually transmitted by radio or video. In this case, It was through Q-dance Radio and Hardcore radio.

Anthem official

This version of Dominator was pretty special in the sense that Miss k8 was responsible together with Mc Nolz perform the anthem of the festival called "Metropolis of Massacre".


Without any doubt that since that had the opportunity to see and meet Miss k8, his career has been always pointing well above along with the participation of major festivals such as Master of Hardcore.

In the official video for the anthem of Dominator, We can see the great production of the previous year as also the participation of Miss k8 and Mc Nolz.

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Line up

We can always see great artists in this type of festivals and this version was no exception. This is the line up of the mainstage in Dominator and in this same order, were presented on stage by closing the show, Miss k8.

Crossfiyah, Hellsystem &; Raiden, Bodyshock, LIVE Ophidian, Korsakoff, Wasted Mind, LIVE Neophyte Records Allstars, Mad Dog, Partyraiser, Live: Angerfist, Live: Noize Suppressor, Nosferatu &; Outblast, Miss K8 and MC Tha Watcher

Minute of silence

A very respectable situation was the minute's silence is requested to all attendees for the "accident" M flightalaysia Airliness where many people were killed and that circulated the news media. Right Here, We share that time.

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Miss k8 - Hardcore Princess

Thus already catalogued many to the beautiful Ukrainian responsible for carrying out the anthem of Dominator. We mentioned it above, no doubt his career go up and more and more so as the host closed the festival with their set and all the pyrotechnics that we can imagine.

Something in particular that caught our attention to see official photographs of Dominator, It is that "an angel fell from the sky", yes, literally, Miss k8 descended from the top of the mainstage to start their set by what that moment both for her and for attendees must have been memorable.



The majority of fans, supporters and lovers of this type of event, He knows that "the icing on the cake" is the Endshow where the producers "throw all meat Grill" (in good Chilean), they throw all the pyrotechnics altogether with the lighting show, smoke, fire and plenty of surprises that can lead us during the end of the festival.


Right Here, We share with you the registration of an Assistant that I record the show, for whom we are far like us, We can enjoy it.

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Set Mainstage

If you missed the transmission or you would like to listen to the set of one of your favorite artists, you leave here a play list on soundcloud with all set of the mainstage. Enjoy and share!

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Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder & Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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