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Line Up The Sound of Q-dance Chile

[dropcap]The[/dropcap]l 3 th of March, began selling tickets for The Sound of Q-dance next to be held in Spain on Saturday 31 of may.

Today, while carrying out the event Life in Colors at Espacio Riesco, an Assistant to that event called";Fabian Sepulveda";up photograph of one of the LED screens at the event were arranged. This screen, it showed what many were expecting, "the line-up for";"The Sound of Q-dance Chile";.

Line up: Endymion, Headhunterz, Noisecontrollers, Wasted Penguinz, Nosle, Wildstylez and MC Villain,.


Many had their eyes on some important names of DJs and above all those who had already made their presentation for The Sound of Q-dance Los Angeles USA. and therefore one that was rumored was the legendary The Prophet. "On the other hand, some fans were disappointed and already saw a possible line up";weak"; because most of the artists had been bookeados it for";Emporium"; "and others to";Intents Festival, Both in Netherlands.


However, with suchor soccer, they began to make a kind of mathematical calculations and see the dates of those artists available for the weekend 31 May and the matching was Wasted Penguinz, who today, part of the official line up.

One of the most attractive duets listen because their songs are the strongest of these guys and great atmospheres generate teleport to another dimension.


Another artist that does not surprise us much because its presence has been more than twice visiting our country is Wildstylez, who very recently was in a dispute declared by Deadmau5 to make improper use of a lead by him and used in the song";straightforward";.

However, Wildstylez is a great dj and producer who always surprises and so did the first edition of The Sound of Q-Dance in the 2013.


In this line up are several surprises not imagine and Headhunterz is one. This is because recently Headhunterz announced through a video posted on his Facebook account, it would take another path in his career and hinted that he would retire hardstyle . Following this, told his fans keep supporting freedom or not.

Headhunterz it comes from getting gold disc in sales by its recognized and criticized song";Colors"; in which the artist emphasizes that this is the production that marks a before and after in his career.


Noisecontrollers, one of those artists currently rising rapidly in popularity because initially conformed by a duo which was dissolved. Bas, He was in charge of Noisecontrollers and continued solo after Arjan, decided to take another musical direction.

Also worth mentioning that recently Noisecontrollers He released his first solo called album";All Around"; through the seal of the producer Q-dance that undoubtedly caught the attention of fans to hear the new approach Noisecontrollers.


Endymion It is a real surprise since typically produce Hardcore, According to critics of the fans";mainstream"; something like popular. But that's another topic, the important thing is that we will have an artist Hardcore in the line up of this edition of The Sound of Q-Dance.

For those who are unaware, Endymion is working with Q-dance in Europe for quite some time, presenting scenarios Defqon1, Mysteryland, among many others.


If you went to Mysteryland 2013, then you know you. Nosle, the Brazilian dj opened in the Q-dance stage at Mysteryland and setting fire to all the people who came forward to enjoy and dance.

Dj, that has earned its place and to be present for the second time in our country.



Finally, a large, Artist people, :;el número uno”;, MC Villain,. Again have the presence of this great master of ceremony that has great proximity with people, fans and definitely encourages us to continue to enjoy nonstop all Q-dance show that has come to Chile.

We leave with you the link to join this event on Facebook:
The Sound of Q-Dance Evento Oficial

Also, one of our members in the team, es RR.PP oficial de The Sound of Q-dance. If you do not have ticket, contact Juan Gacitúa.

See you 31 Mayo mullet!

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Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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