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Interview with Outbreak

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]to last week, had the opportunity to talk with Outbreak and access to an interview with him for our website.

This is our second interview and the truth is that we are quite happy with the reception we have had artists. Also, hope to receive good way the work we do to publicize to the world that Chile has Hard.

We invite you now to read this interview which was in English and translated to our website for the Latino audience.


Hello Outbreak, Thanks for taking the time to get an exclusive interview with our site in Chile. We appreciate it and look forward to learning more about you and your music.

  • Bass: Tell How did Outbreak?

    Outbreak: Well, :;Outbreak”; was something in which I worked for about a year and a half before my first presentation. I wanted to do something new musically in my career and challenge myself again. To return to my roots and re-develop my sound and feel the music.
  • Bass: In recent months, We have seen tremendous growth in your career. You have been part of many great events in the 2013 and even more in the 2014. Few weeks ago you showed in Reverze in the Lotto Arena, Belgium. Tell us about your experience playing at the party, What was one of the highlights of the evening?

    Outbreak: Since the beginning of the project the response I received was nothing short of amazing, I am very grateful to the way everything has been received and I'm honest it's still something I'm accustomed me.
    Reverze was a great event, the atmosphere, the participation of the audience and the production was spectacular. This was my first presentation in a Reverze event and I can tell you I can not wait for the next. It was so great to see so many people dancing to my music, even things they did not know they were going crazy! I really smiled from start to finish.
  • Bass: In 2013, you touched on Defqon1 Australia, How do you find the hard dance movement there? Are you crecimiendo as elsewhere in the world?

    Outbreak: The scene in Australia is amazing these days, It is constantly growing and growing. There are some fantastic developers and artists there pushing for it. Definitely, is uphill!.


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  • Bass: Many fans around the world know you by your remix of FIFO. por Brennan Heart. A lot of people were surprised about your work. What was your reaction to the amazing comments received?

    Outbreak: To be honest, I am very grateful for all the reactions I've received so far. See people enjoying the music I've worked really hard is fantastic. I still smile every day with all the positive messages I receive in social media, I read every comment that comes! THANK YOU!
  • Bass: Brennan Heart mentioned before and we know that you are great friends. You you were personally eslegido by Brennan Heart to play in their X-Qlusive this year. Was this an important night for your career?

    Outbreak: Fabian (Brennan Heart) and I have a friendship fenced for long and he has helped guide my career to where it is today. To be invited to share your special night with him in XQ, It was a great honor. I know how much it meant to him that night and to be part of your dream, It is indescribable. For me, XQ was one of the best parties I have ever played. Even now when I remember that night I got chills to see how impressive it was! Definitely, It's something you never forget!
  • Bass: Eres parte del nuevo sello “;We R";. Tell us a little about that stamp.

    Outbreak: WE R was a label that all start so we could be a family, a place where we could share the music with the world. There are no rules or regulations, just have fun and let people have fun with us!



  • Bass: What are the most important keys to a successful career? o What to do to be where you are?

    Outbreak: Haha well I do not know if I succeed yet, but I'm thankful it is safe. The best advice I can give the new guys is to make sure you have a strong brand. Make a plan and make sure you have a LOT of music ready to move. If you only have a clue, is not sufficient. There are many talented producers out there these days. You really need to show that you mean business!
  • Bass: Eres uno de los artistas quien habla sobre “;Propagando la infección”; (referring to hardstyle). Tu “;Infección”; our country has reached. If you had the opportunity to choose a country for a concert, What country would be and why?

    Outbreak: I want to spread my sound on everyone, in each country, every corner of the world, I want people to be able to listen to my music and I also love to take it to them. No puedo escoger un solo país que yo quiera ir porque quiero visitarlos todos 😉 pero, and of course !!!I want to go to a party with my friends and fans in Chile!!!
  • Bass: Do you know anything about our country Chile? Tell us what you know.

    Outbreak: I know you guys love parties! Haha but seriously guys, have a wonderful culture, history and food, I can not really wait to explore there someday.
  • Bass: Tu último track preview en youtube fue “;We want your soul”; which apparently has been well received, it's nice and RAW. However, escuchamos otro track tuyo llamado “;A new today”; and is completely opposite, more melodic. What style defines you best? ¿RAW, melodic or both?

    Outbreak: The sound I want deliveries, how";Outbreak”; is crossed between raw and melodic hardstyle. I want my music remains raw and energetic but still musical.


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  • Bass: What are your goals this year?

    Outbreak: Make many new songs as possible, travel to new places and meet some new people with the infection spreading as far as possible!
  • Bass: Este fin de semana te presentarás en “;Knock Out”; of B2s with Code Black. What kind of surprise could give us? Who will win? (poner música principal de “;Rocky”;).

    Outbreak: Haha I WILL EARN!. To be honest, let's just go and have fun. I'll try and do something great this week for it, but we're both pretty busy at the moment so I hope you have enough time!
  • Bass: This is more personal, What is a typical day Outbreak? What do you do commonly?

    Outbreak: Well a normal week I think is start working on my normal work Monday and Tuesday and then the rest of the week I occupy in the studio working on ideas for new tracks, usually busy and caring home. Still I have to suck as everyone haha
  • Bass: In a weekend of Outbreak, What are your artist friends that commonly go for a beer or maybe a party?

    Outbreak: I go out a lot with all the boys, they are all really great and when I go to parties hung out and talked about everything.



  • Bass: Tenemos muchos dj’;s aquí en Chile quienes comenzaron a producir sus propios tracks. What would you recommend to them? Is there anything important that they should never forget?

    Outbreak: Do not stop dreaming! Move and do not let anyone tell you that you can not do! Enjoy it as it is still music and have fun!
  • Bass: This is the last. When would hear another new track Outbreak? Are you planning an album?Outbreak: Haha Well there an album planned so far, I literally just written 12 new tracks for my live set and I finished them. Wow Another and? hehe umm I think for the summer will hear another new (winter in Chile). I wrote a song with a great Dutch rapper";Sabacca";, the song is called";It's;s On";, I'm finishing this at the moment and !I really love it!
  • Bass: Finally, Is there something you want to say to your fans?

    Outbreak: ¡A todos mis raw mother fuckers! Be sure to join the Epidemic Outbreak and help spread the infection. See you soon at a site of infection near you!

Well Outbreak, thank you for your kindness and access to this interview, obviously your cooperation and your wonderful music. We will apoyándote from far away, Chile, and we expect see you soon in our country.

"Now we will go to see and hear your show in";Knock Out”; if you live B2s ago, Thank you!



Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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