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Video clip D-Block &; S-te-Fan &; Isaac

[dropcap]P[/dropcap]Using a Hard Bass, We could see the duo hardstyle D-Block &; S-te-fan with Isaac sharing a video clip of what his new track called together";Alive";, which has a great vocal by Chris Madin.

While it was not uncommon to see video clip hardstyle songs, today has become a trend in which artists can show an even more professional work and thereby cover an area that was not being enhanced. Nowadays, start new tracks and video clips appear as a great work which is valued even more this activity.

We were surprised to hear a wonderful track hardstyle, quite emotional and melodic, otherwise characteristic of D-Block &; S-te-fan.



Also, work Isaac and its influences emotional as in his remix";"Till the Sky Falls Down"; at Dash Berlin. On the other hand, "the vocal of this song reminds us a bit to";Last Night"; at Toneshifterz, simply because it is the same singer (See here).


It is not the first time that this duo works with Isaac and neither is the first video clip of them. You may remember some a great track called";In the Air"; which we share here for you if you have not seen.

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On this occasion, the track entitled";Alive"; was shared publicly on networks of artists with this official video, which was led once again by Kevin Gansemans with Wissam Abdallah, who work constantly recording every show large events around the world. Without going too far, Kevin we got to know when visiting Chile for Mysteryland 2013 and was commissioned to make the official Aftermovie.

Definitely, both Kevin and Wissam have done a great job steering, photography and editing of this video clip which very in tune with the song, It is quite emotional.

We leave you with this video clip D-Block &; S-te-fan with Isaac and vocal Chris Madin which was filmed in Australia and tells the story of a girl hospitalized. In the course of the song";Alive";, the story takes a big dump.


["youtube id =";fnd9T7iwMC4″; width =";633″; height =";356″;]


Written by: Marco";Hammer"; Cabello

Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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