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Interview with Audiotricz

It is an honor for us to present this exclusive interview for our website, hardstyle duo performed gradually begins to be recognized worldwide. We are talking about Audiotricz, the Dutch duo who last year signed in Scantraxx Recordz along with other great artists Adrenalize, Atmozfears, The Prophet, Gunz for Hire and many more.

We wanted to know more Audiotricz and while you as fans know more about them. It is for this reason we have generated instance to perform an exclusive interview of fans in Latin America and in the world. (This interview was conducted in English but have translated for you to Spanish).


  • Hello Audiotricz! We are Bassmusic. First of all, we know they are one of the Dj / producers Hardstyle latest duets and already have a record label, en Scantraxx Recordz, Congratulations why!

Thank you very much! It is an honor for us to do this interview with you guys!

Tells Us , How comes this duo?

Nosotros somos Léon Benschop &; Kenneth Kroes and both are from Nunspeet (The Netherlands). We've known each other so long that not even remember the first time we met haha (Laughter). In October 2012 We decided to start Audiotricz and from there everything went really fast.
Brilliant, have had a good Kick off.

And how it feels to belong to Scantraxx Records?

We are really proud of belonging to the family Scantraxx Recordz. For us it feels like home!.
We are delighted to know that, to feel comfortable where they are.

What are your main musical influences? What inspires?

We inspire us every day things we hear on the radio, club and other artists in different genres. For example, We quite like Coldplay, pero también nos inspiramos por bandas como Gun’;s ‘;n Roses.
How good! Not everything is Hardstyle in life haha (Laughter).

Ustedes tienen un par de geniales bootleg como ‘;Waiting’; por Dash Berlin ft Emma Hewitt y ‘This is what it feels like’ por Armin van Buuren ft Trevor Guthrie. On these tracks, Was it a real challenge or anything so complicated?

Of cource, We were pushed in a certain direction. Although, In a good way! The only struggles were the melodies. That was actually the hardest part. But from that moment everything went smoothly.
It also speaks of the good producers and artists who are hearing the result.


A long time ago, escuchamos su remix de ‘;Sparks’; con Atmozfears en ‘;Hard with Style’; por Headhunterz y una pista junto a Bass Modulators llamada ‘;Feel Good’;. What other artist would like to do a collaboration?why?

We'd love to do a collaboration with Noisecontroller! It's no secret that he inspires us much. He is undoubtedly the king of hardstyle!
It is certainly a great dj and producer.

We were watching their upcoming shows and has many in Holland. Are there any other events around the world?

Of course we have! Many options are being planned. Check out our social ( 😉 )
haha (Laughter), we will be attentive to it.

What do you know about Chile? Wish you have an upcoming event in our country?

What we now know of Chile is the edition of Mysteryland. It seems to be a big party with lots of dedicated fans so we can not wait to go!.
That is right, a truly amazing party where the euphoria of the Chilean public is unleashed.

In the world, every day many people know hard dance music. Every day this movement becomes more and more massive. What do you think about it? What do you think about the hard dance scene in the world?

Great! This is something we never think of the beginning. Hard dance music spread throughout the world and see the fans and people from countries that have never heard.
As an artist, This is an opportunity to reach more people and hopefully experience something this massive movement in the world!

Cuando nosotros escuchamos por primera vez su pista ‘;Infinite’; we thought that track was Noisecontrollers, but it was of you and surprised us. What can you say about our first impressions?

We believe that this is the best compliment we can get. Como muchos artistas están haciendo su sonido principal “;Raw”;, try to do something different compared to our type of euphoria and stuff, based on a high level of creativity. Something that both we can show our technical skills. We are already working on a second stage!
We are glad to hear that, anxious wait forthcoming productions.

In their presentations. Is there something funny or a story that we can count?

Haha (Laughter) Kenneth accidentally touched a tennis twice in a set! And somehow pulled Léon-Channel Faders very often. I guess that this was all enthusiasm!
hahaha (Laughter) What fun!.

Thus far, What has been your best show? What event and why?

Seguro Monday Bar, Sweden! The crowd was amazing and it was completely crazy. This was also the first concert I've played outside the Netherlands.
Excellent, then have to meet people in Chile sometime, will love.

The future of Audiotricz, What are your goals this year 2014?

That's easy. Launching a lot of new music, doing some cool collaborations and get as many concerts as possible be.



These days, What else makes you proud?

If both look back our career, we see tremendous growth in such a short time. That's definitely something we are proud. We are very grateful for all the people we met and supported us along the way.

What's Audiotricz other dj / producers do not have? Tell us about your identity.

Hmmm…;That's a tough question! Maybe it's something fans should decide.
We'll see what they tell us then or you can say to you over time.

Ending our interview. When we hear a new track Audiotricz? and Where can people find them?

Acabamos de terminar una nueva pista con John Harris llamado ‘;Momentum’; that will come out in a couple of weeks Scantraxx Recordz. Also, if you want to meet at a party have to take a look at our calendar


Thank you guys for this special interview to our site in Chile. Best wishes for his career and obviously we will look at their new releases, events and more.
We will be supporting from afar, especially by the public of the hard dance scene latinoamerica.

Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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