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Hard Bass 2014 Review

[dropcap]The[/dropcap]l yesterday, many people around the world enjoyed a tremendous event of hard dance music. This is the event that produces B2s called Hard Bass that this time its slogan was Exploration.

We could enjoy a live broadcast through youtube and radio without interruptions, with a high quality and dedication in the transmission of this great event called Hard Bass which without any doubt, It is one of the points in favor above other events that only transmit audio. Many in Chile and from all over the world can enjoy watching the big show and the sets of DJs that really this year were very powerful.

The warm up lasted about an hour and that was in charge of the dj Geck-o, responsible for heat engines for this great show that all we expected.


Team Green (19:00-21:00Chile hrs)
The green team, was composed by Bass Modulators, Max Enforcer, Atmosfearz and a live show of Frontliner you like were ordered to share melodic hardstyle and somewhat more mild. This until the live set of Frontliner that was more fraught to the remix and sounds more hard.

Team Blue (21:00-23:00Chile hrs)
Composed by Code Black, Coone, Noisecontrollers and Psyko Punkz Live put a far harsher quota Raw Hardstyle and above all a great variety of new tracks as it is the case of Noisecontroller who comes from their separation as duo and the beginning of his career as a soloist with launch new album and new tracks which demonstrated is going where its musical production, that means, sounds more close to the hardstyle and the rawstyle, leaving aside the break and sound dubstep than before they incorporated.

Psyko Punkz live, "he also got theirs and delighted us with great tracks that long did not sound like";Psyko Foundation"; in a new exclusive version for Hard bass together who we already know enough, Mc Villain, who was enjoying the show enough to then get to dance together to the public while touched the Yellow team and infect them with #TeamVillain.

Team Yellow (23:00-01:00Chile hrs)
Here the sounds are much more Rawstyle, long Kick and much Bass to our ears with a team composed by Ran-D, Brennan Heart, Hard Driver (responsible for the Hard Bass anthem) and Wild Motherfuckers Live.

"Could not be less this team that also took out their best arms in terms of new tracks as";Swagger"; at Gunz for Hire on the part of RAn-D and also";Antidote"; at Ran-D along with Endymion.

We could also hear a new track from Brennan Heart with the same vowel of FIFO and closing the show of the Yellow team, Wild Motherfuckers live. Composed Zatox, Tatanka who did a show incredible also presenting new tracks that no doubt made to dance to the public at the rate of the rawstyle in something unusual where to Zatox We didn't see it mixed no chance.

Team Red (01:00-03:00Chile hrs)
Definitely, the most aggressive and mercilessly from this great event Hard Bass 2014. Any person could have given you a heart attack with this compound team by Titan, Phuture Noize, Adaro (his nickname Adaraw says it all) and finally expected by many, Minus Militia of which we had seen a small review about them on our web site (See here) and how aggressive this integrated trio coming by Radical Redemption, Crypsis and Chain Reaction. More Hard, It could not be.

Among the new track that we heard from Minus Militia was";"The Endless Void"; "of which we saw a couple of videos on the internet and two track that surprised many who were";The Record Breaking (Minus Militia Hardcore Edit)”; and";Break Down Low (Minus Militia Hardcore Edit)”;. This last that closed an incredible night for all who were there and for those who have seen from our homes and enjoying with friends.

All this, next to the great Mc DV8 to who extrañábamos enough to see him at an event hard dance and above all his particular style of animation which is undoubtedly quite own.


Another great point in favor was the interaction with the public networks of B2s where rose constantly edited videos of each team and photographs, which is super valuable. We leave you with the compilation of videos that B2s shared on their networks which we have come together to see them once.

["youtube id =";uxBN0ti7vwA"; width =";633″; height =";356″;]

Also, outside of the great artists that arose, We could see the work of a great photographer recognised worldwide in the transmission, Rutger Geerling (Rudgr.com) and the cameramen Stijn Verlinde (Epic Cinema) and Kevin Gansemans (KevinGansemans). Remember that the last, they were responsible for the documentary by Brennan Heart Evolution of Style (See here).

Definitely, an event that has taken the lead in many ways above the other big producer of events Q-dance already that B2s, He is doing quite innovative things and above all around the world with regard to the transmission to fans leaving very compliant and value. The speed of upload the Live set producer soundcloud account we share them here is greatly appreciated.

What team did the best?
It is never easy to respond to it.


[soundcloud url =";https://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/22030926″; comments =";true"; auto_play =";false"; color =";fb2900″; width =";100%”; height =";200″;]


Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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