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X-Qlusive Brennan Heart-; Radio

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]inutes behind the special program was carried out Brennan Heart for their upcoming participation in the in X-Qlusive Holland.

In this opportunity, Q-dance Radio aired a special program because the next event X-qlusive which will be dedicated to Brennan Heart (See more here).

The program was driving Brennan Heart where a series of tracks that he likes and generating feedback for every one of them by the radio announcer published Nikki who accompanied him on the transmission.


Post-hour program began when Brennan questions to which each auditor could send them to radio@q-dance.com. After that, had more music up to the participation of 3 djs who were selected to compete for a place in the in X-Qlusive Brennan Heart. They were Concept Art , Aztech &; Electronic Vibes.

We ship our questions, Brennan asked What are your musical inspirations? to which Brennan said in a radio show that Hanz Room It was one of his inspiring, classical music and for that reason was that played with an orchestra in Qlimax Anthem 2010.

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He also referred to our country as large fans, very euphoric and passionate indicating that the scene continues to grow both in Chile and worldwide.




One of the things that excited us then refer to fans in Chile, is that recalled his visit to our shores for the first time (June 2011) indicating that almost touched one hour and returned to the hotel, rescuing that had many Chileans and public Argentina just to see him play at that time (Watch Video).
Definitely a credit to our producer Cristian Moreira (Aka Dj Bangg).

He ended the show, thanking those who listened attentively, "to those who participated in the contest by";create a lyrics";, thanking the 3 finalists and of course inviting to all the 25 de Enero a X-Qlusive Brennan Heart.

Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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