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New Podcast Missk8

[dropcap]IN A[/dropcap]na news that we could meet this week and that was a big surprise, refers to the start of a cycle to the beautiful Ukrainian podcast Missk8 He held each month with the best of hardcore to the particular mixing style that she has.

We always wondered because many artists do not generate their own podcast to encourage the public to listen and support them. Especially in the case of women are few who realize this still is a great strategy for connecting with fans to enjoy their favorite artists.

In this opportunity, we were surprised at the news of this cycle of podcast you made Missk8, Fine Ukrainian who along with Angerfist, visited our country in that unforgettable Saturday night 20 October 2012.

Now, we could again enjoy his particular in the mix of aggressive hardcore with characteristic sounds of hardcore.


However, within this first podcast is noteworthy that among the tracklist is a song that corresponds to the genre hardstyle, but at much speed bpm which sounds quite similar to hardcore. This song is Record Breaking of Chain Reaction many known for its particular kick / bass.

A highly recommendable podcast mainly to take this surprise to include a hardstyle track to high bpm within large tracks of hardcore.

Next month, We look forward to unveil a new podcast and see if the dynamics is maintained or have variations conducive work Missk8. We leave then, with this first chapter called MK8.

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Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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