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Evolution of Style-; Documentary Film

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ace quite some time, was released through youtube, documentary Brennan Heart called;Evolution of Style"; which talks about the look of many artists, employees and the public as the hardstyle takes an evolution and in turn as Brennan this influences.

An amazing documentary directed and edited by Kevin Gansemans and filmed by the same by Stijn Verlinde Agency Epic Cinema One and produced by Blade Master. Recounts how as Brennan Heart (Fabian Bohn) hardstyle sees as a lifestyle, as expresses different emotions through it beyond the sounds incorporating a meaning for each of its productions.

Artists like Code black, Isaac and others who have worked with us about the feature Brennan, almost from the mystical, its essence and experiences that have lived with.

"Within the documentary is a very emotional point which is the death of his mother and by which Code black generates song reading";We come and we go"; represents that painful moment, "as a response of tranquility as it says the title of this song";We come and we go";.


Near the end, Brennan speaks of his presentation after producing Qlimax anthem 2010 with an orchestra that left many perplexed by the wonderful show I provide. In addition, some team members Q-dance productions speak of, how to think about everything to show an amazing show in each edition of its events worldwide.

Nowadays, Brennan "continues with performances and enjoying his own record label called"; We R"; (we are). We leave, with this incredible documentary which momentarily youtube with subtitles in English and Dutch.

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Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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