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Angerfist Megamix 2013

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ngerfist, as a gift for their fans and followers, did a megamix with the best songs he has produced, either as bootleg, remix, fixed, etc.

Before the end of this 2013, Angerfist shared in their official networks megamix 2013 bringing together great successes of which we consider it";the true Master of Hardcore"; (the true master of hardcore). The megamix, it contains 28 songs that the song is";Santiago"; at Angerfist with Missk8 which we are very proud as producers for being a gift for the hard Chilean public after appearing in our country 20 October 2012.



It should be noted, that Angerfist has crowned again in the first place of the Top100 of Master of Hardcore Radio with the track";"Street fighters";. In Addition, was positioned 5 additional tracks in the top 10...;¡Crack!

The track list may revise down the video, which was published by two of his followers on facebook to which quote. We hope to see you, listen up, enjoy and share.
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  1. Miss K8 &; Angerfist-; New World Order
  2. Re-Style-; Renovation (Angerfist Remix)
  3. Angerfist-; From The Blackness
  4. Skrillex &; Damian Marley-; Make It Bun Dem (Kid Morbid Bootleg)
  5. Angerfist-; In A Million Years (Mutilate Album)
  6. Angerfist-; Bite Yo Style
  7. Radical Redemption &; Angerfist-; When You';Re Gone
  8. The Supreme Team -; Carnival Of Doom
  9. Angerfist-; Don';t Fuck With Me
  10. Angerfist Ft. THA Outblast-; Just Like Me
  11. Angerfist-; The Voice Of Mayhem (ft. Outblast &; MC Tha Watcher)
  12. Angerfist Ft. Miss K8-; Santiago
  13. Angerfist-; Street Fighter
  14. Neophyte &; Evil Activities-; One Of These Days (Angerfist Remix)
  15. Angerfist-; Temple Of Disease
  16. Angerfist Ft. Dyprax-; The Pearly Gates
  17. Angerfist &; MC Da Mouth Of Madness -; Raise Your Fist Again
  18. Angerfist-; Dance With The Wolves (Randy &; Radium Rmx)
  19. Angerfist-; Burn This Motherfucker Down
  20. Angerfist-; Incoming
  21. Angerfist-; Perfect Fury
  22. Tieum &; Angerfist-; Dirty Man
  23. Angerfist-; Dortmund 2011 (ft. MC Syco)
  24. Angerfist Ft. Lowroller-; Pagans
  25. Angerfist-; And Jesus Wept
  26. Angerfist-; The Murder Tune
  27. Angerfist Ft. Radium-; Assault
  28. Angerfist-; Yes (Znooptokkie Drokz Remix)

Source: Facebook, Users Strass Ubermensch and Jordy Booties.

Author Marco Hammer

CEO, Founder and Graphic designer who has been working on the hard dance scene since the 2007 till now.




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