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Q-Dance in Tomorrowland will be broadcast live!

July 20, 2018,

Both weekends will be broadcast on Q-Dance radio, mientras que el segundo sábado contará también con video livestream.…

Dominator won't have fireworks

In a statement jointly by producing Q-Dance and Art of Dance, han anunciado que la próxima…


Tomorrowland perform livestream of editing 2018

As in previous years, the great festival that brings together many musical styles perform transmission & hellip;


If you want you can: Mary-B gana contest de Fatality

July 12, 2018,

As our title say, Chilean dj Mary-B is one of the 4 Winners of the contest conducted by the & hellip;

The relationship between football and & hellip;

A thorough analysis of an evolutionary view of electronic music and above all that & hellip hardstyle;


Sick Bastards: New Chilean hardstyle duo

It gives a couple days ago it was announced this news of the birth of a new duo & hellip;


Hardstyle, It helped me to raise my self esteem

April 19, 2018,

We present the story of Magdalena Vega with which you can feel identified and that despite feel & hellip;

My dream, It is to go to a & hellip;

My story begins in the middle of the 2011, It was one typical day at school (had 11 years old)& hellip;


Hardstyle made me drop more smiles

Our first story, account as the hardstyle changed the life of a young man who could not overcome & hellip;


Headed to EOC Mx: A talk with Harsh & hellip;

January 23, 2018,

What would the life of a producer without a seal? The truth not what is, What if I can & hellip;

Malua excited about her return to Chile

We are approaching the 27 of January, date in which the Odyssey event will be held where Malua & hellip;


Interview with Invector

We had an interview with a great talent from the continent who belongs to the Theracords label and the & hellip;




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