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Headhunterz y Wildstylez lanzan…

Art of Creation is the name of the new label created by Headhunterz and Wildstylez hardstyle. A couple of & hellip;

Headhunterz anunciará una gran…

The renowned artist Headhunterz yesterday made two important announcements for this 2018 concerning his career. One of them & hellip;

Hard with Style presenta…

In an incredible year for the Hardstyle-; and above all by the return of Headhunterz on the scene-;& hellip;

The history of the hardstyle & hellip;

Q-Dance has posted the full experience of Deqon.1 Legends in the 15 years of Defqon. The history of the & hellip;

El padre de Headhunterz…

Although this is revealed by Hardnews year news 2015 (read note), yesterday revived it Headhunterz & hellip;

Headhunterz libera el aftermovie…

The return of Headhunterz already has official aftermovie, which in addition, It includes his recent collab with the duo Sound & hellip;

Headhunterz launches new music video

It has just been released the new video of Headhunterz, which is titled";"Takin' it back";. Headhunterz is working & hellip;

Headhunterz confirms mini album!

Headhunterz official video, He thanked all his fans for the support in your own event & hellip;

Headhunterz and the new & hellip;

Sub Zero Project and Sound Rush were collaborations with Headhunterz, which were released last night. Two of the more & hellip;

Headhunterz, Wildstylez y Noisecontrollers & hellip;

The trio took the scenario of Ziggo Dome to play their new collaboration after years from your last & hellip;

Headhunterz, Wildstylez y Noisecontrollers & hellip;

The three giants of the hardstyle again to join in the study ad portas of the event that will celebrate the return & hellip;

Headhunterz formalizes its first & hellip;

The track marked the official return of Headhunterz to the hardstyle in Defqon.1, It has officially been launched under the & hellip;

Headhunterz launches music video of & hellip;

After a long wait and anxiety to see each image in the making of shared by the artist, today finally & hellip;

Headhunterz reveals the lineup & hellip;

The next 30 September, Ziggo Dome will be party to receive the official return of Headhunterz & hellip;

Headhunterz launch video clip of & hellip?;

Everything seems to indicate that the official video for Destiny by Headhunterz is more than ready and waiting to be released. & hellip;

Headhunterz depletes your tickets & hellip;

We would be naive if we didn't know that the night 30 September on the Ziggo Dome will be a moment & hellip;

The Return of Headhunterz

Q-Dance launches new event corresponding to the piece of the puzzle that was missing to complete the return of Headhunterz to the & hellip;

Surprises from the Endshow in & hellip;

Hardwell, Headhunterz, Bass Modulators, JDX and Clockartz. The names of those who presented new tracks in the endshow of & hellip;

The return of a & hellip;

After the press conference where we were present, Headhunterz confirmed his return to hardstyle. One of the news more & hellip;

Headhunterz stole the & hellip;

“;The Tijdmachine”; o";La máquina del tiempo”; ., is an event Dutch that is characterized by remembering them & hellip;
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