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Phuture Noize anuncia nuevo…

The artist announced via their fanpage on facebook that will launch a new album next year. After & hellip;

Code Black anuncia dos…

The Australian producer Code Black, She is working full steam on the first album of his career. It by & hellip;

Frequencerz works in its & hellip;

The raw duo is working on their second album according to announced in a magazine of Eindhoven,& hellip;

Code Black anuncia el…

The dj and producer Australian Corey Soljan, better known as Code Black, just surprise with the announcement of the & hellip;

Brennan Heart announces new & hellip;

After their successful album I am Hardstyle, Brennan Heart attacks once again demonstrating the great artist to & hellip;

New album of Hard & hellip;

The artist released the official artwork of his new album as well as an official preview with some songs to & hellip;

Denekamps Gespuis announces its & hellip;

The act of hardcore formed by Angerfist live, Radical Redemption, Dyprax, Crypsis and Mc Prozac, is intended to launch its & hellip;

Psyko Punkz announces its & hellip;

About a year ago, with sadness we all saw how one of the most beloved duos of the hardstyle came a & hellip;

B-Front announces its first & hellip;

More than one decade in the hardstyle has earned a B-Front become one of producers more & hellip;

Noisecontrollers announces new album & hellip;

Last night, producer Baastian W. Oskam, better known as Noisecontrollers, It successfully completed its first class & hellip;

Stephanie announces his album & hellip;

DJ Stephanie Announces officially his first album called like his famous podcast";Pink Beats"; and & hellip;

E-Force will launch the first & hellip;

The producer Dutch Edward Aandewiel more known as E -Force, they will be releasing the first album of his career. In 2011 & hellip;

Digital Punk –; Adapt & hellip;

Digital Punk not far behind and announces the release of their next album as one of the most & hellip;

Regain lanzará álbum

Regain confirma que lanzará próximamente su primer álbum con un hardstyle devastador el cual anunció el fin de semana…

Program Hostile, new & hellip;

Next month will be chosen for the official launch of the third Studio album by the talented producer of & hellip;

Coone reveals trailer and & hellip;

The producer Belgian Koen Bauweraerts, better known as Coone, is soon to launch the fourth Studio album of its & hellip;

Less is More is & hellip;

A few weeks ago the Belgian artist ahead of us in the official music video one of their new tracks which & hellip;

Zatox prepares her second & hellip;

Two years have already passed since the successful launch of the New World Order the 2014. This album included collaborations & hellip;

Audiofreq launches seal and & hellip;

A few weeks ago the talented Australian producer based in the Netherlands, He told Hardnews site which is working in & hellip;

Destructive Tendencies anuncia nuevo…

The British trio announced that it is working on an album, which will be presented in the next version of Dominator. & hellip;
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