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Day: International Event

Headhunterz confirms mini album!

Headhunterz official video, He thanked all his fans for the support in your own event & hellip;

Do you know Dreambeach? It will fascinate you!

A festival style mysteryland but! 5 full-day! That is Dreambeach, considered one of the festivals & hellip;

How much does go to & hellip;

Traveling to a festival outside of your country of origin may sound quite expensive, about everything & hellip;

Tomorrowland 2017 live set:& hellip;

Tomorrowland was all set records and are available for viewing on your youtube account. Yesterday ended & hellip;

Noisecontrollers performed anthem of & hellip;

Responsible for performing the anthem for this great festival is nothing more and nothing less than who heads & hellip;

Intents Festival Livesets 2017

Are you ready for a large dose of music? Intents Festival has been releasing its set of the call made & hellip;

Dj Thera realizó hard…

Dj Thera today launched the official Dance Valley anthem alongside the official video clip of this same the & hellip;

Radical Redemption and its & hellip;

Radical Redemption again promises a show in its own event organised by Art of Dance which has & hellip;

Angerfist launch album in & hellip;

Believe it or not, Angerfist is preparing a new album to be released the next 2 December in its & hellip;

Miss K8 creates anthem & hellip;

The beautiful and powerful hardcore dj Miss K8 will be in charge of producing the official anthem of Syndicate for & hellip;

Dominator will have transmission in & hellip;

Once again, Dominator gives the possibility to all fans of hardcore listen live the festival a & hellip;

The latest edition of & hellip;

Incredible but true, last night the latest edition of Sensation in Amsterdam called The Final was experienced (Ph: Erix Santman).& hellip;

The Return of Headhunterz

Q-Dance launches new event corresponding to the piece of the puzzle that was missing to complete the return of Headhunterz to the & hellip;

Interview with Jason Payne

Already a week ago, We had the opportunity to interview an artist in constant growth and very known inside & hellip;

Surprises from the Endshow in & hellip;

Hardwell, Headhunterz, Bass Modulators, JDX and Clockartz. The names of those who presented new tracks in the endshow of & hellip;

Noisecontrollers y Bass Modulators…

Noisecontrollers &; Bass Modulators were announced a few days ago that it held a masterclass in mid-July to & hellip;

Thunderdome returns to Mysteryland!

Incredible but true!! The big name Thunderdome will return to Mysteryland 2017 as a partner of 5 years of absence & hellip;

Intents Festival a otro…

Are you planning on visiting Intents? A wonderful festival of which we fell in love with this weekend and that regresaríamos & hellip;

Bassmusic will be in Intents & hellip;

This weekend will be held Intents Festival in Holland and Bassmusic has been invited so for & hellip;

Free Festival Anthem 2017

July 1, another new edition of Free Festival will be held in the city of Almere Strand in & hellip;
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